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Product Name: Pre-Race Trading Guide

Author: Caan Berry

Contact Details:

Price: £39

Money Back Guarantee: None Offered

Where to Buy:

Brief Summary: This is an e-book written about the characteristics of a betting market from a proven Betfair trader. Suggesting several strategies and best execution practices within horse racing markets.

How Much Do I Need To Get Started? 20 Units (5% staking suggested)

How Much Money Can Be Made? Variable. Upwards of £100k a year.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? Results are subjective to the individual.

Will I Need Any Equipment? Trading software is advised.

After purchase, you are supplied with a unique set of login credentials via email. These login details allow you access to the pre-race trading guide via a unique login portal at

Upon logging in, you are presented with a user profile, leading to two categories.

  1. The pre-race trading guide (e-book)
  2. An advanced video tutorial

Firstly, the pre-race trading guide is in PDF format. Presented in a clear fashion with a table of contents. The guide is well structured and easy to extract information from. The various sections cover from how a betting market functions, influencing factors and the mechanics of a betting market. All of which assist the reader in finding those juicy points to exploit for a profitable trade.

Towards the end of the book, there are also advice sections and strategies to assist the reader in carrying out trades, while using the best practices possible. We feel this is an important part of trading successfully.

In addition, there is a useful video link provided (recorded at the time of first writing) to the author trading a horse race. This was particularly interesting as it confirms the content provided throughout, evidently reinforcing things learnt.

Secondly, there is a bonus video (in addition to the video previously mentioned) within your user’s dashboard. This video is one from the pre-race video pack, a slightly more advanced product provided by the author. This video was probably the most powerful tool in our learning. Broken down, the video explains what’s happening and exactly why the author is acting as they are. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s annotation broken down, frame by frame below. An extremely thorough explanation.

About The Author: Pro Trader

There are, of course, many out there claiming to make lots of money through betting. Some are, others aren’t. The interesting thing about this particular author is that Betfair themselves contacted Caan in 2014 and asked him to take part in their very own marketing campaign.

Having Betfair endorse the author as a high earner is a great testament to his advice. You can see a link to Betfair’s learning directory here.

Many will also have come across the useful YouTube advice from Caan. Rather importantly, he highlights that trading is a skill to be sharpened rather than a fixed betting system. This is reinforced throughout the trading guide as a number of variables involved within a horses price fluctuations are huge. Sometimes directly overlapping.

Methods And Strategy

Instead of offering a fixed method, the guide reveals the characteristics that cause price movement. This is extremely helpful as should the situation change, you’re in the best possible situation to deal with them as a trader.

Interestingly, things like a number of horses within a race, price bands, market participants such as owners and trainers all influence the trade.

And that’s not even when you’re looking at peak liquidity times.

We should mention though, within this guide Caan uses the geeks toy trading software for some of the examples and screen shots. If you’re unfamiliar with trading software, it can look a little daunting at first. It doesn’t need to be though. There are over a 100 YouTube videos on his channel and all software vendors come with a manual. We’ve spoken about some of the top ones on this site before.

Extra Benefits

CTA Finally, it’s worth noting there are a few added benefits when you purchase this guide from

Guide subscribers automatically qualify for:

  • Full user support (via email)
  • Unlimited future updates at no extra cost
  • Bonus video
  • Satisfaction guarantee (see sales page)

Is it worth the cost? It’s a thumbs up from us. Thinking away from profit for a second, worse case, it’s certainly going to help you avoid those horrible losses.


In conclusion, the pre-race trading guide is a cracking read. It certainly opened up our way of thinking. With plenty of logic to follow through on the methods and strategies, this is an ebook worth having in your punting armoury, whether a novice or professional.

The quality of explanation (particularly in the broken down video’s) has taken much effort, clearly. It conveys the information in a clear and concise manner.

You can find the pre-race trading guide for yourself here.

Eddie Lloyd

I have been a professional gambler for 3 years now and spend all my days searching for "value" within Horse Racing. I'm also a keen musician and love travelling around the world.


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