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Product Name: BetTrader Evolution

Author: Adam Todd- Racing Traders

Contact Details:

Price: Free / £9.99 monthly / £99 Yearly

Money Back Guarantee: N/A

What Do You Get: Trading Software for Betfair

Where To Buy:

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This : Betfair account and a racing traders subscription

Adam Todd Founded Racing Traders in 2003 , he was initially a trader in the financial markets before turning his attentions to trading favourites on the UK horse racing betfair markets and it was while he was doing this that he first developed the BetTrader software to make life easier for this sole purpose.

BetTrader was unique in the fact that it uses ladders ( designed and developed by Adam) which have evolved over the years from years of feed back from its users.
BetTrader is a browser based piece of software which means it can be used on any computer without having to install it on every piece of equipment that you have. It is the only browser based trading tool on the market  and sets the standard for all other trading tools on the market.

What functions do you get ?
There are multiple ways you can use this this trading tool from one click trading , fill or kill, stop loss etc.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.16.10

When we open the software we are faced with the above screen and what we need to do is click on menu, then click on today’s cards, which then  gives us a list of the days races. If we click on a single race we then come to the next screen where we can access the functions that we require.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.19.39

Stop Loss
As you can we have checked the stop loss function on the left. What this does is when you put in your bet the software will automatically put in a lay to protect our position should the market goo against us and it will cut our losses to lower than the original stake.

Tick Offset
We use the tick offset when we want to make a trade so that we get a profit which ever horse wins the race. What it does is when you  click on the price that you want to enter the trade on it will automatically trade off at the amount off ticks that you have set on the software, you can see here that I have set it a 3 ticks.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.21.33

As you can see I put in a back bet of £350 @ 3.95 and the software automatically put in a lay bet  of £363 @ 3.8, so when the lay gets matched you make a profit of £16 whichever horse wins the race.
This is probably the most used function in the software with most traders who use the software as it is the simplest type of trade to do.

Fill Or Kill
This tool will cancel a bet after a time set by you. It has a timer for how many seconds you wish the bet to be available for. Just select a number and click the box to activate the tool and then when you place a back or lay bet if will cancel that bet after the time that you have selected.

Drip Feed
This function is used when you want to place a large back or lay bet into the market without causing the market to panic, Basically you have to open up the drip feed box and you can set the the size of bets you want to drip into the market set at what time intervals and the total amount of the bet.
So if you want to have a back or lay of £5000 you can get it on at say at £100 bets every 10 seconds up to the original amount required.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.22.47

This tool basically chases a price until it gets matched. You can set it at any number of ticks at any time interval for any number of ticks as you can see I have set it for Pull The Chord to move 5 ticks every 10 seconds for a maximum of 12 ticks.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.23.58

The functions that I have gone through are probably the main ones used with horse racing but there are a few others which would be used mainly in the sports mode of the software for other sports etc.

With this software you are able to put any of these function to very good use and you can also benefit from the one click betting that is an automatic feature.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.25.01

As you can see above you can set the stake buttons to whatever stakes that you require so that when you highlight a certain stake every time that you click the ladder that stake will be placed. In fact you can change anything you wish to change in the settings tab so that you can have whatever features you want to the fore, by changing everything from the look , sound, colour along with others.

The last feature I’m going to go through is probably the best feature of all and that is the Training mode. The Software basically has 3 modes.

1. Turbo Mode

2. Training Mode

3. Free Mode

Turbo mode is the main one that you will use when trading for real with a price refresh rate of 20 times per second so is significantly better than you get on the  betfair site, but you must have a subscription for this. Free mode can be used if you do not subscribe but your refresh rate is majorly slower than Turbo mode. You also have to have a subscription to use Training mode, but the good thing with this mode is that you get all the features of Turbo mode but you can trade as you would in Turbo mode without out actually risking any money what so ever.

What this does is give you the opportunity to practice all the strategies that you wish  until you get confident enough to start trading for real.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.25.59

As you can see above if you select the teacher hat that will put you in training mode then click the setting tab and enter in the bank balance whatever balance you want to use then click the save button when it appears and you will have that amount in your training bank which you can then use at your will on all the actual markets available. As I said before this is a great mode for practicing strategies.

How Much Will All This Cost ?
You can use the Free mode for free but the other subscriptions options are
£9.99 per month or you can get a years subscription for £99.

In my opinion, that’s very competitively priced for the kit that you are getting.

If you are serious about your trading or are new to trading this software is a must as it gives you all the tools required to give you that edge needed in trading and to help you become successful in a very competitive trading market.


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  1. Just one thing to note with this review…. there is no longer a free version of Bet Trader, but there is a 7-Day free trial.

      1. Hi David,
        Absolutely right I stand corrected, I did actually see that there was no longer a free version, so I can safely say I had a Homer moment Doh !!! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Lee from RacingTraders here, we do actually have a free mode still in BetTrader. 🙂

    After the free trial you still can access the Grid Mode for free.
    You will need a subscription for The Ladder and Sports Mode as well as Training Mode.

    Cheers, Lee

  3. I have been using Bet Trader software for a number of years and it is as written.
    Very easy to use and for a newby extremely useful. Don’t just jump in without reading and trying out the training option. I sometimes use the training option to try out a thought or idea, and this makes it so
    useful and in the long run. A money saver.
    The support is 100% and their forum at Racing traders website full of news, tips and info from experts and old traders.
    Try it. You will like it !
    Cheers from Roger

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