Betfair ATM Review


Product Name: Betfair ATM

Author:  Michael (a different one to me!) and Steve Davidson

Contact Details:

Price: £87

Money Back Guarantee: None offered

What Do You Get? In-Play Horse Racing System

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:  Betfair ATM is an in-play horse racing strategy that can be learned in 10 minutes and put to use on a large number of races every day

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? No bankroll recommended by the vendor, but we would suggest between 10 and 20 units

How Much Money Can I Make?  Using £25 units you can expect to make between £30 and £50 per day

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? You need to be available during racing but it can be used only on weekends or when you’re available

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? You must have Betfair account to make this work and you will need software to place bets quickly with one-click into Betfair


When you get access to Betfair ATM you are provided with a piece of software that contains the rules to the system. This software will only work on Windows but you can install it on a Mac if you have Virtual Windows running without any problem.

Once the software is started you need to activate it and this is a very simple two-step process. The first step is to enter your email address, you are then sent a key to activate the software via email. After entering the key the software activates and you get access to the system rules. In our experience the key arrives within a few hours of having sent in the activation request.

If there is any downside to this system it is the displaying of the rules. They could be formatted to be a lot easier to read. It is a very long page without any segmentation and it would be very useful to have it broken into chapters so you could go to the parts you want after you’ve read it through a few times. However, this is a very minor niggle.

The system itself is very simply to learn and consists of just five rules. These rules are based on market principles which means that they will continue to work well into the future.

The five rules include the extra rules that are provided in Version 2 at the bottom of the guide and are what I used when making the video above.

As this is an in-play betting system you will need to use Betfair software that provides a one-click betting interface to Betfair. In the video I used the JetBet software provided by Stakesoft that is free and works on both Mac and PC.

One of the beauties of this system is it’s simplicity. You can learn the rules in just ten minutes and then be using it immediately. I would recommend starting with small stakes until you get used to the method.

When you’re placing bets in-play it’s easy to be tempted to feel rushed purely because the odds on the software are changing so quickly. Don’t feel rushed and take your time. There is absolutely no rush needed using this method and if you miss a few bets when you begin because you’re not quite fast enough then that’s better than placing wrong bets because you rushed.

Having not only tested this system before over a year ago, but also having used a very similar approach in my own betting in the past before I knew about Betfair ATM, I wanted to run a test to make sure it still worked in the way I remembered.

In the video above I go through finding bets in seven races. My aim was to place these bets while concentrating on other things to see if I could force losses. The method worked exactly as it always has and out of the seven bets I only lost one and made a profit of £10.54 to £10 stakes.

Using stakes of £25 you should be able to comfortably make between £30 and £50 on any racing day of the week. Since the method has such a high strike rate this would only require a bankroll of between £250 and £500.

Overall Betfair ATM is a very profitable method of placing in-play bets with a very high strike rate on Betfair. It is a strongly Race Advisor recommended product.[review]

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Hi Michael
    Been having a look at the Betfair ATM;

    Do you have to select the horses you think will win just the same as if you were placing a normal bet at a bookie, or do you watch the machine doing it’s stuff and try select the most likely winner from the info it is showing you irrespective of the horse you may have chosen.

    Don’t know if this makes sense if not i will try again



  2. Hi Michael,

    I have been looking at the Reviews of this system on the internet and there is a mixed bag of experiences from people, and many who are not very positive at all. Some speak of the system possibly being ok but requiring a stop loss which isn’t listed in the system manual. At £87 that is an inexpensive system if it works and enables ‘Joe Average’ to make £25+ a day and where all info is included, but at £87 that is a very expensive system if important pieces of information are missing.



    1. Thanks for comment Mick. There will always be a mixed bag of experiences because no method will suit everyone. There is actually an addition in the guide about using two different ways to reduce risk by using stop-loss or getting out of the trades, so it has been added. My personal preference would be not to use it. Yes it would mean a slightly lower strike rate but ultimately more profit and less stress because once the bet is placed you’re not worrying about trying to get out of it. When I say lower strike rate, you should still be easily hitting 75%+ of your trades after a bit of practice. It can be a mistake to stress about whether an individual trade has profited after being placed rather than just letting it ride. The reason is that you start to second guess yourself, yes you will get a losing trade occasionally but if you start trying to jump out of them you begin to look for problems and find them where none exist causing you to jump out of winning trades. It’s then only a matter of time until you’re not making a profit because you’re jumping out of trades you shouldn’t be because you’re more worried about whether an individual bet is going to win/lose than your long-term profit.

      1. Thanks Michael. This is exactly why I think this website is brilliant – you will always give a fast, honest, and informative answer to all queries that people raise – well done.

        If I get chance at the weekend I will buy the Betfair ATM system and give it a go.

        Thanks again for the great reply, keep up the great website.



  3. Hi Michael
    Having watched the video did you not trade out on the losing bet?
    As your loss would have been £10 and not £5.
    Is this a system where you place a bet in the place market when a certain price is met in the win market and leave it to run or do you place a later lay bet to create a trade?
    Many Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment Ashley. I did use a partial trade out, I could have actually traded again to reduce further but I decided not to. Unfortunately I can’t give the details of the system out publicly as it is not my product.

  4. Hi Michael,

    If the system is easy to use and almost guaranteed to make money why did you stop using it? (You said in the video you were going back to check that it still worked – but why go away in the first place).



    1. Hi Mark, good question. I do still use this occasionally but due to the time requirements during the day it doesn’t suit me to use it regularly. Almost all my betting is automated from selection process through to the actual betting.

      1. So, you actually automate your whole betting process like the Colin Magee book – Automatic Exchange Betting.

  5. hi michael
    it is better to watch the race live or follow the odds and then place the bet

    1. Personally I think it’s better to only watch the odds as that’s all that you’re using in this system and it prevents you from getting distracted.

  6. Hi Michael
    Do you think will be possible to automate the system with a betting bot such as The Bet Engine or Autotradingfox? This will be fantastic!

  7. Hi

    You recommend the Jet bet, but I can`t find that anywhere ? Do you know where ?
    And can you recommend a good automatic bot for trading horses


    Lars W

    1. Hi Lars, unfortunately Jetbet no longer exists. For automatically trading I think the best bot would market feeder pro which allows you to create custom rules. Otherwise it would need to be one of the ones that links to excel and you would need to code it in excel to perform the trading you want it to.

      1. Hello

        And thanks for your answer.
        What do you recommend to replace Jetbet ?

        Best regards

        Lars W

  8. Nice review and nice system !

    Bought this yesterday but I know it will work having a experience on horse racing. A lot of people claimed it cannot be automated but I did exactly that, I think that there is only one bot on the market which has the in built features to automate it, without excel knowledge etc.

    My results today completely hands-free automated following the rules(well the bot not me), 18 bets placed, 16 won, 2 lost, strike rate of 88% average odds 1.45. Also I didn’t set rules for 1 mile or more etc. things that can bring up the strike rate, my philosophy is larger amount of bets with lower stakes, also partial loss recovery, know people love level stakes, but I like loss recovery and the bot has many in built stop features to prevent long losing runs.

    Of course it’s too early too say, I will have to test at least for a few weeks if the automation of the system is successful.

      1. I will report back in 2 weeks, if everything is still going so good, I have no problem sharing the file for the strategy and the name of the Bot, so you can try it, there is simulation mode also.

          1. Not sure if it was allowed to say. I use Bf Bot Manager, it is in Betfair directory so fully approved, I have tried all the bots in the Betfair directory and they all are good and allowed me to automate some of my strategies, but Bf bot Manager is the only one which allowed me to automated all of them and whatever comes to my mind, support is awesome also.

            I am not affiliated with the bot, just a happy customer.

          2. Yep, the V2 version is completely new from the previous which was very limited. Just a hint – try Multi Strategies Bot that is what is best for horse racing and has tons of in built conditions with it I automated Betfair ATM. I think under other topic the bots were discussed, so I will stop here and share my opinions there.

          3. Very interesting. I had programed B.ATM into The Bet Engine, beginning to check the race 2 minutes inplay. Today was a very good day: 16 bets placed, 15 won, 1 lost (93.8% SR) and 3 cancelled bets (I dont know why), of course all 3 winning bets!
            From January 5th, I have 131 bets, 107 won, 24 lost, 81.7% SR, avg. odd 1.31
            I believe TBE is a little slow sending the bets to Betfair, but I am not complaining if I make a little money…

          4. Very good results Antonio, nice to see someone else automated the system and I was wrong there is other bot on the market that can do it. Your results are better than mine, but it was my first day I will tweak it along to increase profits and strike rate.

        1. Hello Dimitar
          I would like get the file for Bf Bot Manager for ATM.I bought the system 4 years ago and have not time enough to use it daily.I dont understand bots much and probably I wouldnt be able to set the BF bot properly for the ATM system.I would appreciate much if You help me a little bit please.
          Thank you a lot

  9. Hey Richard,

    Yep, Michael is quite right, Rade will help you out, support is very good, I don’t think there are 2 opinions about that.

  10. I know I promised to report back in 2 weeks but I am still try things, mainly staking plans, the system is too good to be used with level stakes, that may sound strange but it does not get into long losing runs so it makes it perfect for a lot of staking plans.

    Today I came up with a new idea and would like to hear your opinion on it. What I noticed is that on the races with 8+ runners so the place market for 3 I get a long winning runs usually. So today I decided to try with parlay accumulator targeting winning runs of 4 5 6 7, today the first 7 were winners so each one of the accumulators was succeeded after that 2 losers come, but the overall profit especially from the 7 bets parlay is too big to be bothered by 2 losers.

    I know winning runs like that may come only a few times a week, but even starting the parlay with 10 euros gives a very good return.

      1. Yep I do, with a little tweaks for 3 place races the system is getting like 90% and long winning runs are not rare, almost everyday I see one of at least 5, I will try for 10 days, too see if that idea will turn out profitable.

        I have designed a staking plan for the strategy so it can run 24/7 and is not aggressive, no 100% loss recovery any more, I will soon write a longer post will all my findings.

        1. I will look forward to hearing how you get on Dimitar. If you want to share with me what you’re doing privately then I may be able to recommend a staking plan to maximise your results. I have one in mind but would want to run it through some data first to make sure it works well.

          1. Thanks for the suggestion Michael, how can I contact you privately ?

            Of course I will still share what I’ve found with everyone, when I feel I am 100% confident in my findings.

  11. Hi
    Here are my results from January 6th: 283 bets with 237 winners, 83.7%SR and av. odds 1.27 Around +21 points profit. Also thinking how to improve results with any gentle recovery system, so interested to know any news.
    Michael, I can send you my data also if you like, so you can test more possibilities.

  12. Hi Michael Following on from the many interesting post above can i ask you
    did you select the 7 races in your video with a defined ‘Price Gap’ between 1st 2nd 3rd fav and the
    rest of the field on purpose? and if so is this something you recommend.
    Love the review by the way!



    1. Thanks Neil. I followed the exact rules as laid out in the guide for the purposes of this review. Can you improve on it… well everything has the potential to be improved 😉

      1. Well its early days for me using a bot but after 5days i have had a 90% strike rate being selective
        using the market price gap for the first 3 fav’s , will update after a month to see if that strike
        rate continues, i guess it must have a coincidence that your 7 videos had those price gaps.
        If you have given me an additional filter then thanks for that!!


  13. Hi Michael,
    I am interested in getting the Betfair ATM software. In the comments you mention that as it is an inplay betting system it needs to use Betfair software that provides a one click betting interface to Betfair. As I understand Jetbet is no longer, two others are mentioned, Bet Trader and Market Feeder Pro. Which do you recommend?

  14. Hi Michael
    I purchased Betfair ATM a couple of years ago but haven’t really used it because of needing to be in front of the computer.
    If it can be fully automated then I would certainly like to give it a go.
    Which bot would you guys recommend and why, and can it be run in a practice mode.

    1. Hi Eddie, for full automation I like MarketFeeder Pro because of the way you can pretty much build your own custom bots within it using their unique way of putting together strategies. I haven’t tried to fully automate Betfair ATM in it, but I would be surprised if you couldn’t automate a lot of it.

  15. very interested in BF ATM. Must be automated but I’m not too good at that! Can I speak with Dimitov direct.? I have tried to run ATM manually but it is almost impossible! thx

    1. Try Betterbot trader, already set up for ATM, just be selective over race types
      under 12 runners,gap between first 3 in SP and the field , no claimers Maidens sellers
      NH flat

      1. Hi Neil,
        Just started using Betterbot Trader with some encouraging results, although losses wipe out my profits, so need to use stop-loss in some way.
        Can I email you, could do with some help with setting it up.

        Anyone else using BetterBot Trader?


          1. Hi Michael,
            I’m using the 5 day free trial and the software is already programmed with Betfair ATM in it (its the same publisher).

            It seems rather basic compared with Cymatic which I usually use, and not so sure about the refresh rate but the programmed Betfair ATM function works a treat.

            I’m still trying to figure out a way of using the hedging tab to minimise the few losses. I’ve set it at 10 clicks and it’s laying for me and then the bet wins! I’m still trying out different scenarios to maximise profit.

            I’m pretty new to all this and I can see great potential in this but can’t seem to find many people that have used it.
            Any chance of a trial run for me and let me know your results????


          2. Thanks for the update Harry. Have you tried contacting the Betfair ATM guys to see what they recommend? They’re usually pretty good at responding to questions like that.

  16. To Dimitar, Antonio, Michael

    Any chance of sharing the results for how the bot(s) been doing on betfair atm as of late?

    Also, if purchasing through your affiliate link (or for an extra fee in Dimitar’s/Antonio’s case) is there a chance of sharing the actual settings for the bot in question?

    Thank you and kind regards,

    1. I have to be honest and say I haven’t used this software recently. Not because it stopped working but because I go through them test them out and let you know my findings but have my own core of strategies which I use for the main stable of my betting. However, I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t still be working as the approach isn’t tied to something that would have disappeared.

  17. Hi there.
    I automate
    some bets with BET ANGEL,I am a newbie to automation.

    If I purchased it do you think I could use BET ANGEL to automate bets?

    Looking forward to your answer.


    1. Hi Robert, it’s been a while since I last tested Bet Angel but it’s more of a trading tool than an automation tool. I’m not sure whether it would be able to fully automate this strategy.

  18. hi guys,

    I am tempted to get betfair ATM but read the guy who made it has made alot of various different strategies which are not profitable, just wondered if anyone is making money over a long period say couple of months at least. Also would anyone know where if I did buy it that I could get automated version or instructions on how to automate it (im not great with techy stuff!!!)???

    1. Hi Davey, I am no longer using this system but that’s not because it wasn’t working but because I was only using it during the testing for this review. I tend to stick to my own methods outside of reviews. I can’t say for sure whether this is still working but the principles it is based on are sound and so it should still be making a profit. It’s worth checking with the creators as I think they may now have a way to fully automate it, if not your best bet is probably to use a tool like Market Feeder Pro.

  19. thanks for replies guys, its says on the site there is 5 day free trial but no where to click to get it/?

  20. I got the bet trader bot and set it up using the ATM settings which are on the website. Havent won yet so just wondered for anyone using the bot for ATM wat settings you have set up. I am just using for wins havent tried the place market fav either yet.


    1. update day 2 – still losing not sure how people are making money with this system at all, anyone got any advice much appreciated

  21. Davey, there are a number of settings you can use on their site, which one are you using? I would recommend getting in touch with Steve and Michael and asking them which is the one they would recommend as I know that some have better strike rates than others. Two days isn’t very long to be testing something, it could take a lot longer just to get to grips with it and adjust the approach so it suits you. I would recommend using your bot to paper trade it, get in touch with Steve and Michael to find out what they recommend you should have the settings as and which strategy to use and then follow that making small adjustments (if you feel necessary) to suit your style of betting. When you’re comfortable with the approach, the kind of losing streaks and downswings it has, the strike rate etc… that’s when you want to switch to live betting.

  22. I read that you can automate BETFAIR AMT, is this so and if it is what BOT is it?


    1. I believe they now have their own software, but you would need to contact them. You can use a number of bots to run it for you, my preference would be Market Feeder Pro.

  23. I am thinking of giving Betfair ATM a go. I don’t understand why everyone wants to automate it? If I use a bot, I will have to pay a fee for the bot, so I have to make enough money to cover that extra cost. With interest rates so low. I was hoping to make a little money on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. From what the review says, it doesn’t follow a sequence, so I could catch an evening race?

  24. Hi, I know this a very old blog post. However I have the system and have contacted the seller to confirm a few things. However, I see you are putting an unmatched lay stopless in which is not in the system rules (the two that are I am not sure they work in practice). I think yours looks better, are you putting an unmatched lay bet at 3.00 odds? Thanks

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