Betfair ATM and Racing Secrets Exposed

Guest article written by the Betting System Guru!

Betfair ATM – Reviewer Sgt Dave

A new review being conducted by Sgt Dave. Having said that, this one has been scheduled to be reviewed twice before and on both occasions it never got started.

So what is Betfair ATM?

Well you cannot really call it a system it is more a strategy or a method, and it involves backing horses In Play on the place market. Of course timing is crucial with this type of betting and the author recommends using Fair Bot, but what ever you use it needs to have one click bet operation.

How much can you expect to make from this?

Around a couple of points a day depending on the amount of time you put in, as per the BF ATM website you can use it in your spare time, weekends etc, one thing for certain you will do better with it the more experience you gain.

So what does it cost?

Currently £67 at the time of writing and you get a 20 page PDF manual which, thankfully, has no unnecessary padding. It covers the 8 rules and has plenty of pages showing examples of the strategy in action.

Sgt Dave found the author very helpful and quick to reply to e-mails. This is going to be a different and a tricky review as by the nature of the method it is possible that results could vary from punter to punter.

Racing Secrets Exposed E–Book Final Thoughts – Reviewer Sgt Rob

Just to recap the RSE e –book is 105 pages long and explains the mechanics of finding a horse to lay after evaluating lots of criteria.

Although 105 pages may seem rather daunting, 25% of them are dedicated to examples. The first third of the book covers the basics, such as the Racing Post website navigation. Pages 35 to 65 covers flat racing and 66 to 90 National Hunt. The remaining pages of the e-book go over the topics of maximising profits, bots, professional betting and a few other items.

Sgt Rob has never got involved with trying to select horses to lay, so how did he get on with the manual?

He used it for two separate periods totalling 8 days and managed to make a profit of 3 points after Betfair commission. It took him a while to get used to analysing the races but after a day or two he found that a lot of the required information was grouped together on the Racing Post website. Once he got familiar with what data to look for he found the whole process quite easy.

The final thoughts from Sgt Rob were that it would be a great start for people who were newbie’s to laying. The e-book takes you from scratch and walks you through the whole process. Experienced layers would not find much of interest and would probably use it only as a basic reference guide.

The final rating was 4 stars and at the current price of £7, Sgt Rob considers it an absolute bargain.

The Betting System Guru runs the Betting System Truths website where a team of 18+ reviewers put betting systems through their paces over two – three months of testing. All the tested systems are given a final review before being star rated.

Michael Wilding

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