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Product Name: Bet Alchemist

Author: Nicky Doyle

Contact Details: Website Form

Price: £30.00 Monthly or £79.00 Quarterly plus Vat, both come with a discounted 1st month of £15.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day

What Do You Get: Horse racing betting selections

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: Bet Alchemist is horse racing value tipping service that provides between 1 and 15 bets per day on days advised

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started: 100 point bank to be comfortable

How Much Money Can I Make : This service has averaged 9.97 points profit per month over 21.5 months

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work ? One or Two minutes per day

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This : Bookmaker accounts and ability to place bets


We started Proofing Bet Alchemist on the 1st December 2012 and, up until writing, have proofed 1065 selections. Selections are sent well in advance of the days racing, normally around 10:15 each morning on the day racing.

Selections are not provided every day and the majority of the selections are each way and back bets with a few exotic bets thrown in as well. The selections are made up of NH and Flat races with the onus on finding the value in the market, so we are not betting on favourites.

For your members fee you also get access to a members area on the web site.

This review will cover ISP and BSP to 1 point level stakes, as well as advised odds and stakes.

The results in this review are correct at time of writing but we will continue to proof Bet Alchemist.

In the 22 months that we have been proofing Bet Alchemist there have been 7 losing months, 14 winning months and the current month is in profit at the moment.

Losing Months

Month Selections Wins Losses Strike Rate ROI Profit
Jan 13 31 11 20 35.48 -11.82 -3.68
May 13 52 13 39 25 -21.46 -11.20
Jun 13 54 16 38 29.63 -23.91 -12.91
Aug 13 75 24 51 32 -14.76 -11.09
Nov 13 48 5 43 10.42 -37.75 -18.11
Dec 13 71 24 47 33.8 -6.19 -4.40
Jan 14 40 11 29 28 -16 -7.76

Even though we have these losing months, the preceding month to any loss provided more than enough profit to cover the losses taken.

Dec 12 +23.05

Feb 13 – Apr 13   +105.17

Jul 13 +8.19

Sept 13 – Oct 13 +16.44

And this service is currently on a 7 month winning run.

If we look at the profit to flat stakes at ISP we only produce 26.15 points of profit

ISP Table

Bet type Selections Wins Losses Strike rate ROI Profit
All 1065 289 776 27 2 26.15

We have a decent enough strike rate, but the ROI and profit fall well below what we would like as a member.

Now, if we take the same results and compare them up to the BSP with the same flat stakes we fair a whole lot better.

BSP Table

Bet type Selections Wins Losses Strike rate ROI Profit
All 1065 289 776 29 17 175.57

And if we had used BOG…

BOG Table

Bet type Selections Wins Losses Strike rate ROI profit
All 1065 289 776 29 22 237.72

If we turn our attention to the Bet Alchemist’s advised odds and stakes, we beat ISP & BSP. But can’t quite make it up to BOG. It is worth noting that the Bet Alchemist’s advised stakes will never be more than 2 points on any given selection.

Advised Table

Bet type Selections Wins Losses Strike rate ROI Profit
All 1065 289 776 29 20 219.45

As you can see, Bet Alchemist makes profit whatever vehicle we use to make our bets. Which can only be a good thing. This suggests that this is a tipster who really knows what he’s talking about.

I’ve also had a look at the breakdown of bet types placed. At advised stakes and odds there have been…

Bet type Strike rate ROI Profit
Back 31 23 56.94
E/W 29 17 151.15
Lay 0 -100 -0.89
Double 50 425 12.75
Trixie 0 -100 -0.5

So does Bet Alchemist make profit ?

Well, I think we can see that it does, but the question is how much ?

Advised Odds

Stake Profit Cost of service Total profit
£10 £2194.50 £774 £1420.50
£25 £5486.25 £774 £4712.25
£50 £10972.50 £774 £10198.50
£100 £21945 £774 £21171

The advised staking from Bet Alchemist is £50 per point, so over the 22 months that we have been proofing you would on average be in profit by the sum of £463.56 per month after the cost of the service, which equates to 9.97 points profit per month .

To cover the cost of the service you would need to bet on average £3.60 per point, and to make £100 profit per month (which is what we consider to be the minimum you should be looking to make from a tipster) you would need to bet £10.03 per point for a total of £13.63 per point to make an average of £100 after the cost.

With a recommended bankroll of 80-100 units, you would need a £1363 bankroll to make £100 profit per month after the cost. Assuming you are not re-investing your profits then this would double once a year and, of course, with re-investment could have made a lot more.

The profits you get from this service will not make you a millionaire, but what it does do is make good consistent profit and will do for years to come.

As a long term profit getter, it will certainly be a valuable component in anyone’s portfolio.

Over the proofing period Bet Alchemist has proven that the selections are both profitable and consistent, and I feel that it’s not over-priced for the average punter to make good consistent profits.

To that end, and based on the results over the proofing period, I would not hesitate to say that here at the Race Advisor we would recommend Bet Alchemist as a viable tipping service.


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  1. Hi

    A question for Mick… Why don’t WIN show the odds for your MC Racing service on there proofing pages?? I am watching your service very closely. I decided to let you go live to market before making my decision whether to join or not. I must say your results are most impressive. Well done to you sir



    1. Looking at WINs other services it looks like they’re not displaying due to the proofing being at BSP. Having spoken to them this lack of odds isn’t intentional and will be getting fixed

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