Born 1942 at Berwick upon Tweed. Married to Viviane from Luxemburg. Hobbies are Metal Detecting/Treasure Hunting and Flight Sims. Have 2 cats a whippet and a greyhound. Wasted a Grammar/Boarding School education by becoming a fireman on steam engines with BR. Emigrated to Australia, then became a Plantation Manager in Papua New Guinea. Returned to UK in 1971 and spent next 31 years flying all over the world as an Air Loadmaster. Managed a Ladbrokes betting shop for 4 months then we bought a Newsagents. Having a newspaper shop gave me plenty of spare time to hone my betting skills, and come up with systems that were very successful.
  • Jun- 2019 -
    8 June

    Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Thanks everybody for your interest, I have now, hopefully, come-up with the goods. My aim is maximum profits from minimum selections The basic system is a Trainer based Win & PLACE, and is as follows: Trainers with a minimum of 25% win, and or 50% placed runners, over the current season or longer. Minimum SP for the moment is 7/1,…

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  • May- 2019 -
    11 May

    Mastering Bookie Bashing

    Contents Episode 1 – Bookie Bashing, My Journey! Episode 2 – The Betting System Episode 3 – Adjustments & Rules Episode 4 – The Final Episode Episode 1 – Bookie Bashing, My Journey! Hi Folks, Michael has kindly asked me if I would do a monthly blog about my betting journey to beat the bookies, selection processes, staking and anything…

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