Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.
  • Aug- 2010 -
    4 August

    Prize Ratings Strategy – The Written Version

    Today I am posting a written version of the monthly feature video. Following a discussion happening in the forum, I created a spreadsheet that rates a horse based on the prize money available in previous races and how far they came behind the winner. You can download this spreadsheet here. The idea was to create a simple method of calculating…

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  • 3 August

    Profitable Poker – Understanding Domination

    Guest post by Mark Holland of http://www.sitandgoplanet.com This is the first in a series of articles in which I will be looking at aspects of poker which can improve the results of beginning to intermediate players. Based on No-Limit Texas Holdem each article will assess different areas ranging from general concepts through to specific hands / scenarios. They can be…

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  • Jul- 2010 -
    30 July

    Visualising Horse Racing Revisited

    A while ago I posted an article about using more visual methods to help you find the winners. If you haven’t seen this article then visit Using Graphs to Visualise Horse Racing to read it. In that article we looked at using different ratings for each horse and seeing which clearly excelled in different areas. Today I would like to…

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  • 29 July

    What Bets Are Available for Snooker? – Part 1

    Guest post by Paul Micelli Snooker presents a series of interesting betting opportunities that can be made at any stage of a major tournament. Although excellent value can be found when selecting an outright winner prior to a tournament starting, there are a massive number of other wagers available for individual matches and in-play betting. Outright Betting Outright betting offers…

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  • 28 July

    A Beginners Guide To Excel for Sports Betting

    There are always a number of questions about how to use Excel for analysing your betting information, whether this is your bankroll management, selection management or system building. In today’s article I am going to take a look at the basic functions that you need to understand when using Excel, or any spreadsheet, for your betting. When you open Excel…

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  • 27 July

    The Dosage Method – The Alternative Analysis Tool

    Guest post written by Ben Aitken from The Betting School Dosage had been around since the early 20th century when French researcher Lt. Col. J. J. Vullier published a study on the subject. Lt. Col. J. J. Vullier’s findings were subsequently modified by an Italian breeding expert, Dr Franco Varola, but it was not until the early 1980’s that dosage…

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  • 26 July

    Let’s Bet on Golf

    Guest post by Paul Micelli Summer can be a fantastic time for finding less-than-obvious betting action. The past fortnight has seen us enjoying the drama of the 2010 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships and even though the England national football side has failed us yet again after our humiliating defeat to Germany last weekend, our cricketers continue to go from strength…

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  • 23 July

    Can making a profit be any easier?

    Back in March we developed a betting system here at the Race Advisor. There were some suggestions made by a reader and today I thought I would revisit this system and see where we go with some of the suggestions made. The biggest suggestion was to look at favourites only and those who had odds of 3/1 or higher available,…

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  • 22 July

    Betting System Testing Results

    Guest article written by the Betting System Guru! Each month we shall be bringing you the latest updates from the systems that we are testing. All the figures quoted below cover the period July 5th to July 18th inclusive. Betfair Pirate – Reviewer Sgt Marc Not a good period for the service with 10 losing days out of 14 and…

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  • 21 July

    Market Bias in 5f Handicaps

    Guest post by David Renham from Racing Trends In this article I am looking to see whether market forces are the same at different course and distances. The focus is 5f turf handicaps (excluding 2yo nurseries) and I have concentrated on races with 7 or more runners. In order to investigate this area as thoroughly as I can, I decided to…

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  • 19 July

    Winning Golf Strategy

    Guest article written by Paul Micelli An Overview on Golf Betting Talk about the subject of golf to most sports betting enthusiasts and the chances are that you’ll find an amazingly mixed bag of different opinions when it comes to making profits from wagering on major tournaments. As the 150th Anniversary Open Championship begins in earnest at St Andrews this…

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  • 16 July

    The Psychology of Gambling – Myth 3

    I have already looked at two common myths in gambling, that it is possible to turn £10 into £1000’s and that bookmakers use inside information so you can’t beat them. Today I am going to look at another myth: The favourite has the best chance of winning so my best chance of profit is by betting the favourite This could…

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  • 15 July

    Arty’s Football Thoughts – Getting ready for the new English season

    Guest article written by Arthur Browne The World Cup may be over but these days football never sleeps and I’ve already started looking at the picture for the new Premier League season. Arsenal still look a little short on the grit needed to take the title (especially if Fabregas ends up leaving) and Man United don’t look like they have done enough…

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  • 14 July

    Designing Your Betting System Portfolio – Part 1

    Last month I wrote an article introducing the betting portfolio concept and I wanted to develop this idea. Like everything in successful betting you need to plan in advance if you want to have a nicely performing portfolio. This means deciding on the targets that you are aiming for in your systems and the quantity of systems that you are…

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  • 13 July

    Successful Gambling – Avoiding the Pitfalls

    Guest post written by Paul Micelli Successful gambling can be interpreted in many different ways. For some, that success can only be interpreted in terms of profits while for others, the relative enjoyment that goes alongside a competitive flutter will usually be more than enough to provide a satisfactory gambling experience. Unfortunately, there will be those involved in sports or…

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  • 12 July

    The 5% Pro Cumulative Staking Plan – Ignoring this WILL cost you!

    Guest post written by Peter Sackville There is much advice from many sources on a daily basis when it comes to horse selections and those that are given out as tips. Consider however that a professional staking plan is what separates most punters from success.  Using the right staking plan can help to turn a hobby in to a second…

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  • 9 July

    Finding Favourites Quickly and Easily

    Guest strategy written by Glen This strategy is designed to find the favourites that win. Using your daily paper you look to find how the favourite has performed over the past 6 running’s of that race. You are looking for races that have a clear bias for the favourite. An example would be if you had two races, one with…

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  • 9 July

    Mobile Betting – What’s It Like?

    With more and more people having iPhones and Smartphones, the idea of betting seriously from your mobile is becoming more and more of a reality. Obviously being able to bet in exactly the same way as you can from your computer is unlikely to happen on a mobile phone for a long time but the features that are being offered…

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  • 8 July

    Football Spread Betting For Beginners – Part 4

    Guest article written by Paul Micelli This week I am posting the last part in my series on football spread betting. If you haven’t had a chance to read the other three parts then you can find them by clicking on the links below. Football Spread Betting for Beginners Part 1 Football Spread Betting for Beginners Part 2 Football Spread…

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  • 7 July

    Computer Betting Systems – Friend or Foe?

    Guest post written by Paul Micelli Sports betting has been a consistent marketplace for individuals with a trained eye for easy profits. Somewhat surprisingly, many of those who make the largest sums of money rarely place bets or wagers of their own. In fact, the market is currently jammed with former jockey, trainers, sport stars and pundits who promise untold…

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