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Product Name: Andy Bell Racing

Author:  Betfan

Contact Details: Website Contact Form

Price: £58 per month, £130 per quarter or £199 bi-yearly

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get? Horse racing betting selections

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:  Andy Bell Racing is a horse racing advisory service that provides an average of two bets per day at average odds of 6/1.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? A 250 point bankroll is recommended and staking is between 1 unit and 10 unit with 10 units being a maximum bet.

How Much Money Can I Make?  The service has averaged 119 units profit per month to BOG over the last three months.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? One to two minutes per day.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? Bookmaker accounts and ability to place bets.


On the 1st November 2013 we began proofing the Andy Bell service. In that time there have been 219 selections. The selections are sent before 12pm in the morning but usually arrive around 11am.

There are not bets every day as the focus tends to be on better classes of racing to ensure the most reliable form. The recommended staking plan is to have a bankroll of 250 units and stake between 1 unit and 10 units on each selection. The amount to stake is sent to you with the selections along with the advised odds. It’s recommended to place bets at a bookmaker that is offering BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) and you can check these out on our bookmaker review pages.

The results in this review are based on the advised staking and odds recommended by Andy Bell Racing at the time of publication. We will continue to proof Andy Bell Racing results here and shall also consider the current results to other odds and staking at the end of the review.

Over our period of proofing this service has achieved a 30% strike rate which is very high. If we break this down into the bet types that have been offered by Andy Bell we can see the reason why.

Bet Type
Strike Rate
Back 49 119 41%
Each-Way 28 93 30%
Doubles 0 1 0%
Trixie 1 1 100%
Each-Way Treble 0 1 0%
Each-Way Double 2 5 40%
Each-Way Trixie 2 2 100%

As you can see the back bets have an excellent 41% strike rate, which is even higher than the each-way bets at 30%. These are the bet types that most of the selections are, however the exotic bets are looking promising so far with a total of ten placed and five having won!

With a strike rate so high this keeps losing runs and downswings at a minimum. In fact the biggest downswing we’ve seen in the three months of proofing is just 84.45 units. This is based on a 250 unit bankroll and staking between one and ten units per bet. It represents a maximum drawdown of 34% of the bankroll in a three and a half month period of proofing.

This is completely within the expected variance of selections achieving this kind of strike rate and still leaves plenty of bankroll left to end the downswing and reach a new profit high. If you were flat staking this would equate to a drawdown of just 15.45 units.

Of course, the big question that you’ve been waiting to hear is…

Does this service make a profit?

And the answer is a resounding yes. It’s made 250.84 units during our proofing period which is a 22% return on investment with the average stake being 5.11 units.

When you join Andy Bell Racing you get access to the members area and the selections are received by email every morning before midday. They have always been on time. However they are also available in the members area if you prefer to check for them there instead.

As a service that is managed by Betfan the support respond quickly to any queries.

There are currently three membership options… monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly. The longer your subscription then the more savings you will get. At the Race Advisor we never recommend joining any service for less than three months. Any less than this period of time gives you a high probability of hitting a losing streak without giving the tipster sufficient time to get out of it.

The monthly service costs £130+VAT for a total of £156 and the tipster has made 250 units profit over our three and a half month proofing period. This means that over three months, or a quarter, it’s made an average profit of 214 units. To cover the cost of the service you would need to be betting an average of £0.73p per unit. We consider £100 as the minimum profit you should be looking to make each month from a tipping service, and to do this with Andy Bell Racing you would need to be betting with stakes of £2.13 per unit. With an average of 5.11 units staked per bet this means your average stake size would be £10.88.

That’s pretty low stakes to make £100 a month profit plus the cost of the service! We would say that this service has been priced very well and will allow you to make a profit and grow your bankroll whilst covering the cost for around £10 stakes.

The results during our proofing period are below:

Andy Bell Racing Review Results

To confirm that this tipster has made a good profit we also look at the results to flat stakes at SP. A profit has been made to flat stakes at SP, Betfair SP and Best Odds Guaranteed, with a 14% return on investment made to SP. Being break-even at SP to flat stakes and making a profit to Betfair SP is the sign of a good service, making a profit at SP is always the sign of a service that is providing the highest quality of selections.

During our proofing period Andy Bell Racing has shown that the selections are consistent and profitable. With just a few selections each week this service does not take much time to operate and can be done in a few minutes every week. It has been priced so to allow it’s members to both make a profit whilst covering the cost of the service to a reasonable average stake of just over £10.

We will continue to proof this services selections here, but based on the results during this proofing period, Andy Bell Racing is recommended by the Race Advisor.


Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. This review is a little misleading on the price for the service, It states the prices as £58 and £130 but omits the 20% vat cost therefore the figures on profit and staking levels to make a profit are wrong

    1. Many thanks for pointing out the added VAT Alexander. I have updated the review to take this into account and it has increased the average stake from £10.27 to £10.88 to make an average profit of £100 per month.

  2. andy,

    I would like for you start resending your weekly eyecatchers from you.
    they were most informative on how the horse should run next time.
    I got a good few winners after reading your comments on them

    please restart


  3. There are a lot of poor tipsters out there, does Andy Bell offer a trial ??? Only too pleased to sign up to a profitable service.
    Thank you

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