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In just three days we’ll be enjoying one of the best racing festivals in the world at Cheltenham.

Eddie’s going to be analysing every day of the festival to find the strongest runners with the highest chance of winning.

Using a combination of trends like… 17 of the last 19 winners had won on their previous outing prior to the festival… trainer/jockey stats and advanced form reading, it’s going to pay to have a professional on your side.

You can get access to his daily Cheltenham advice, for less than a fiver a day, right here.

Festival racing is different from a usual days racing. The main differences are:

  • The fields are big
  • The runners are the best
  • The conditions are specific to festivals and only last the duration of the festival

In festivals, we often see bigger fields than normal. This means there’s more competition to beat in each race, particularly the feature races, which is what makes festival betting so exciting.

However, it also makes it hard for us, as punters, to profit.

As the horses entered into these races are the best, it’s possible for a large number of them to be potential winners.

Because festival conditions are only short term, we need to approach it from a short-term perspective.

Our first rule for festival betting is…

1) Do not use the same bankroll you use for your regular daily betting activity.

This is very important!

You should keep festival betting separate from your regular daily betting.

The competition is much fiercer than normal and we want to keep our daily bankroll separate for our long-term betting.

The second rule for festival betting is…

2) Focus on finding the winner not finding the value

This goes against everything else you’ve ever learnt about profitable betting, and should only be used for festivals that last a few days.

DO NOT use this for your long-term daily betting.

We focus on finding the winner because we’re only betting in the short-term because of the short-term conditions.

There isn’t enough time for long-term value to kick in.

For staking, you also want to use a different approach.

In order to enjoy the whole festival, you should take your festival bankroll and divide it by the number of days that the festival lasts.

This gives you a daily bankroll for each day of the festival.

Each morning take your daily bankroll and divide it by the number of races that day.

This gives you the total stake for each race.

This stake can be split up however you want in a race. You may choose to bet to win or each-way, or you may spread it across multiple runners.

However, you do it… never bet more than your race stake in each race.

At the end of each day remove all your winnings and stakes from your bankroll.

This is your daily profit.

Using this approach you’ll find that festival betting is far more enjoyable and you’ll come away with more profitable festivals than before.

If you want to get Eddie’s daily Cheltenham Festival advice, head over here and register today.

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