Willy Weasel Racing Tips Review

Product Name: Willy Weasel Racing Tips

Author: System Lays

Contact Details: Website Form

Price: Free

Money Back Guarantee: N/A

What Do You Get: Horse racing betting selections

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: Willy Weasel Racing Tips is a free daily horse racing tipping service provided by systemlays

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started: 250 point bank to be comfortable

How Much Money Can I Make : over the proofing period the monthly profit was -4.26 points

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work ? One or Two minutes per day

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This : Bookmaker accounts and ability to place bets


We started Proofing Willy Weasel Racing Tips on the 12th August 2013, and up until writing have proofed 426 selections. Selections are sent well in advance of the days racing, normally between 11:30 pm to 2:30am the night before racing so that you have them in plenty of time for the next days racing.

Selections are provided every day via email and are all back bets . The selections are made up of NH and Flat races with the onus on finding the value in the market, so we are not betting on favourites , Most of the time.

The service is provided FREE by System lays as part of their website , Willy Weasel is the resident form expert and he is the one who provide provides the selections with details on why he has come to his selection.

This review will cover ISP and BSP to 1 point level stakes, as advised.

The results in this review are correct at time of writing but we will continue to proof Willy Weasel Racing Tips.

In the 14 months that we have been proofing Willy Weasel Racing Tips there have been 11 losing months, 3 winning months and the current month is currently in in deficit to ISP.

ISP Losing Months

Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI profit
335 49 286 14.63 -34.86 -116.79

And to BSP the losing months go down to 10 but we are still losing money

Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
309 49 286 15.86 -31.11 -96.12

To ISP we have 3 winning months , Feb, June and July this year , when the selections do win it comes out quite favourable but in the whole scheme of things just not enough. So the results look like this

Winning months ISP Table


Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
69 20 49 26.32 61.01 57.96


And to BSP we add an extra month of profit so we end up with around 20 points more in total

Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
95 25 70 26.32 80.48 76.46


So Does Willy Weasel racing Tips make money, I’m afraid to say that no it doesn’t, it currently Loses on average 4.26 points per month , where from the start in Aug 13 It hit a high down swing of around -70 points until June and July 14 around 49 points only to start the slide back down to where it currently stands at -59.60 with overall stats of

Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
426 73 353 17 -14 -59.20


We do have to remember that this is a free service so it will not cost you a penny , but just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to throw money away on following the tips either . you all know that past results do not necessarily guarantee future results , and that can obviously work in the opposite direction as in losses to profit , so if Willy was to may be tighten his ship slightly he may be able to turn a relatively small monthly loss into a profit.

With the above figures in mind here at Race Advisor we could not recommend this service as a viable tipping service.


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