Who wants a 12/1 winner?

Anyone for a 12/1 winner? OK, how about a 7/1 winner?

If you’d been part of the Eycatchers revolution last month, you could have picked up both.

As well as a whole bunch more!

And probably banked an impressive old sum of £££s.

I’m booking a holiday at the moment and those two big wins have filled up the fund no end.

Well, this week the service powers on.

If you’re not already onboard with Eyecatchers Pro, here’s how it works…

1. You log in to the Eyecatchers software.

2. You check out the hot-streak horses it’s currently tracking – hand-picked by our experts as the best in Britain.

3. You place the bets, collect the winnings and spend the winnings!

The service is constantly monitored to be the best. If a horse isn’t performing as well as our experts think it should, it’s out and another takes its place.

Click here to try the Eyecatchers Pro service.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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