Revolution is in the air, folks!

Today sees the launch of a new product so powerful it is set to blow the bookies out of the water.

That’s because we have spent many months and thousands of pounds building something superb.

It’s called the VDW Maximiser – and it combines some awesome things.

Awesome thing No1

Is the Van Der Wheil rating.

If you’ve been around in betting for a while (or, indeed, a Wheil!) you’ll probably know all about this.

The Van Der Wheil (VDW) rating is a very tasty combination of class and form.

And when it launched in the 1980s, it was both a sensation and a total mystery.

A sensation because it made such a lot of money for winning punters.

And a mystery because no one had the first clue who the hell this mysterious Van Der Wheil was.

Not that a lot of people were complaining while they were busy stuffing their pockets!

A lot of intrigue and debate has gone on since then.

Which leads me to…

Awesome thing No2

Which is Artificial Intelligence?

We’ve dragged the VDW rating into the modern age, not only by making it even smarter than ever.

(In other words, it is better than it ever has been at finding winners.)

But we’ve given it a sensational safety net.

The VDW Maximiser can now tell you, by trawling races just like the one you want to bet on, if it’s a good bet or not.

How about that?

If things are looking good, based on VDW, go ahead and bet. You are very likely to win.

If not, that’s fine. The VDW Maximiser will be able to tell you which horse it is a good idea to bet on.

Plus, you’ll see VDW form and ability ratings for every horse in any race.

Awesome thing No3

The betting revolution launches today!

A tried-and-tested method combined with the latest and greatest technology available.

And you have the chance to be one of the first people to use it.

To get involved with this remarkable cutting-edge software before everyone else catches on.

Click HERE for your passport to profit – and the chance to win every single time you bet, with the incredible VDW Maximiser.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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