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Here at the Race Advisor we’ve just released a new system/service that provides people with a rather clever way of Dobbing. But what does it mean and can you make it work for you?

Dobbing is a word made up from the words Double or Bust which pretty much does what it says on the tin. You create a situation in your betting that means you either double your money or lose your initial stake. However if your clever you can eliminate the bust part of the equation.

Dobbing has only been possible since the advent of the exchanges and it’s because we can back and lay that we’re able to put ourselves into an advantageous position. However there’s a bit of leg work involved in order to get this into a profitable situation.

I will show you an example used in the system –

If we back a runner at odds of 5.00 for £100 before the race goes off, then we have a potential profit of £400 and a potential loss of £100.

The race goes in-play and we place our lay bet at half the odds, which is 2.50, and for the same stake of £100.

If the lay bet gets matched then we win no matter what happens.

The possible results are:

• Horse loses and gets nowhere near your lay in-play bet
• Horse loses but you get your lay bet matched
• Horse wins

In the first scenario you would have lost your £100 back bet and your lay bet doesn’t get matched. This results in an overall loss of £100.

In the second scenario you would have lost your £100 back bet, but your lay bet got matched so you would have won £100 on your lay bet. That’s a break-even position with no win and no loss.

In the third scenario you would win £400 on the back bet but lose £150 on your lay bet. This results in a £250 profit before commission, or £237.50 after commission at 5%.

So you can see how the system works, however how do we come up with our selection process?

We have a few criteria that we have found to be most beneficial.

We only DOB in handicap races of 10 runner or less and on top of that we have a price band of which we stick to.

We also have a method of finding the most likeliest front runners which means we have the advantage of getting 75% of our trades matched in running so that we simply walk away from the race without a single loss!

All in all it’s a very shrewd way of trading a race and building up profits from creating even money from your selections but losing almost nothing from most of your races.

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Eddie Lloyd

I have been a professional gambler for 3 years now and spend all my days searching for "value" within Horse Racing. I'm also a keen musician and love travelling around the world.

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