The Weekly Profit Puller

Over the last couple of months we’ve covered trading out free bets which we cover in Betting Bounty. We’ve gone through a method/ratings set that we can use in the Racing Dossier and finally we covered the process behind the UKRN Early Bird service.

By combining all of the above services members will have seen some impressive profits from all of them. Of course with the Racing Dossier we can’t record any profits made as the software is used differently by different people but suffice to say if used correctly it really is a powerful bit of kit.

So where am I going with all of this?

I was going to run through my own portfolio from using the above three services offered by the Race Advisor since the beginning of the year. Betting Bounty didn’t start until April but has made a good profit. As of last week Betting Bounty stands at a profit of £1,444.85p which was achievable from a £300 starting bank. The biggest loss at the beginning was minus £20.26p after three trades but then just over £25 profit on the fourth trade. It never dipped below £20 ever again and has steadily grown the bank over the last 8 months.

Now the thing with Betting Bounty is that we’re not risking any of our starting capitol albeit 20 or so quid before the bank slowly starts to grow so it’s a vital part to anyone’s betting portfolio and is perfect for running alongside other systems, tipsters and selection methods.

Now for the smaller staking people amongst us betting £10 per bet with the UKRN Early Bird will have seen a profit of £490.18p to advised odds. Add that to the Betting Bounty profits and you’ll have an overall profit of £1,935.03p which would have been realistically possible from a bank as little as £500. That’s a massive return on your starting capitol especially in a space of 7 months. Combine that with using the selective approach to using the Daily Stat Pack and that could be a lot more.

We need to take subscription costs out of this of course which for Betting Bounty and Early Bird would equate to just £392.88p for the 8 months so our total profit would be £1,542.15p. Remember that is from a small betting bank. These figures are easily achievable from the two services by combining patience and discipline.

You Can Sign Up Here For UKRN Early Bird Service

You Can Sign Up Here For Betting Bounty Service

I’ll be back next week with another look at how to profit from betting.

Eddie Lloyd

Eddie Lloyd

I have been a professional gambler for 3 years now and spend all my days searching for "value" within Horse Racing. I'm also a keen musician and love travelling around the world.
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