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Product Name: Value Backing

Author: Carl Nicholson

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Price: £34.97 per month, £109.97 per 6 month or £199.99 per year

Money Back Guarantee: No What Do You Get? Horse racing betting selections

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Brief Summary: Value Backing is a horse racing advisory service that provides an average of 2 bets per week at average odds of 19.62.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? A 150 point bankroll is recommended and staking is a 1 unit flat bet.

How Much Money Can I Make? The service has averaged +3.65 units profit per month to BOG over the last 12 months.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? 10 minutes per day.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? Bookmaker accounts and the ability to use and to place bets.


The first proofed selection for Value Backing was on the 10th November 2012 and we have, up to the time of writing, proofed 168 selections from this service which has made +61.23 units profit.

Selections are sent in an email about 11am but there will not be a selection everyday and this service has only averaged 2 selections per week.

The selections are selective and are provided whenever there is significant value. Selections are provided with advised odds that are available at the time of receiving the email and this review is based on using BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed), you can check these out on our bookmaker review pages, and to flat one unit stakes.

The results in this review are correct at the time of writing but we will continue to proof the Value Backing results here. Over the period of our proofing this service has achieved a 15% strike rate, which is not a good and strike rate. Breaking this down into the different bet types that have been provided we can see that:

Bet Type Wins Selections Strike Rate
Back 15 116 13%
Place 0 1 0%
E/W 10 51 20%

As you can see above, the most popular are Back bets (69% of all bets) followed by EW bets (30% of all bets) and there has only been 1 place bet.

As expected the EW bets come in more often than the Back bets but a 20% Strike Rate is reasonably poor for EW betting. This low Strike Rate does not necessarily mean a loss in money and the table below shows the return on investment (ROI) looking at the bet types:

Bet Type Wins Selections Strike Rate ROI
Back 15 116 13% +23%
Place 0 1 0% -100%
E/W 10 51 20% +70%

So, when we ask ourselves…

Does this service make a profit?

Well the answer to that is a yes, but long losing runs can be expected and it could be a while before you begin to see a return.

Since December 9th 2013 the service has made +100.30 points profit but this was after an 11 month downswing which saw a loss of -60 points. Although the service has been proofed since November 2012 there is only a small sample of 168 bets containing 25 winning selections and the overall profit is +61.23 points and the profit timeline can be seen below.

Evening value

In order to maximise profits it is important to get on at the advised odds using BOG as over the same period that profit is reduced to a +44.27 points when using BFSP and this is reduced to +18.98 points at industry SP.

When joining Value Backing you will receive an email containing your log in details for the site which has all the information on the day’s bets and a link for their contact details where all questions will be answered by TGH Trading team There are currently 3 membership options, £34.97 per month, £109.97 per 6 month or £199.99 per year including VAT.

We can only recommend joining the service if you can handle the long losing runs which, because of the low turnover of bets, can last months.

However, when the winners come the months of heart ache will be paid off.

For this reason the Race Advisor recommends the annual subscription as it provides better value but only if you have the discipline and patience that this service requires.

The service is profitable and over the last 12 months there have been 101 bets producing 14winners and a massive 66% ROI and a £3 stake would have covered the subscription costs.

The results during the proofing period for this review are below: We will continue to proof Value Backing here, but based on the results during this proofing period, Value Backing is recommended by the Race Advisor.


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