Survival of the fittest

Darwin came up with the theory of Survival Of The Fittest as a way of describing the natural selection process, but it was Herbert Spencer who coined the phrase.

In horse racing, the horse’s considered ‘fittest’ are usually the ones carrying the most weight. Also known as the top weighted horse in the race.

A horse’s allocated weight is based on how they performed in their previous races. The better a horse performed, the more weight they’re given to slow them down during the next race.

Doing this, the official handicappers try to make each race as fair as possible.

If they’d done a perfect job, every horse would cross the finish line at exactly the same time. Impossible I know, but that’s their goal.

So the theory goes… the top weighted horse in a race is the best horse in the race.

But is that actually true?

And will those horses make you any money?

Patrick investigates that question, and finds the answers, in this blog post.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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