The most stress-free betting I’ve ever done!

Hi guys,

Been using your profit recall service for almost 2 weeks, I can honestly say your software is bang on I have made over 30 points using a dutching system on the backs, perhaps the most stress-free betting I have ever done, long may it continue, many thanks. I would have made more if I did not cash out in running on some races!” – Hamza Rafiq

That’s pretty damn awesome Hamza, and thank you for letting us know.

We’re not that surprised because Profit Recall is one incredible piece of kit!

If you’re not sure what it does every time you open a race, then let me show you…

1) It analyses the race conditions of the race you’ve opened, to find race conditions that are similar
2) Scans 156,078 races in our database to find races with similar conditions
3) Finds the runners in those races from the 1,528,718 runners in our database
4) Uses a unique algorithm to determine which of our 3189 factors we have for every horse in every race, have proven to be the most predictive in these types of races
5) Calculates the importance of each of the most predictive factors
6) Scores all the horses in the race by applying a custom scoring method using the factors (and their importance) from steps 4 and 5
7) Provides you with the scores of the horses, and their chances of winning
8) Links to Betfair to apply the live odds to the scores and adjusts them in line with the market as it changes

And it does all of that… in just a few seconds.

Heck, when I look at it like that, I know why it took us so long to develop!

But it’s worth it when you can help others make +30 points profit in less than two weeks.

Want to get a slice of the action?

This is where you need to go to do that 😉

All the best,

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