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No need to respond Michael... this is just a quick e-mail to say thank you for doing that and I have to say the Monte Carlo simulator is simply amazing.

The amount of work you must have put into this is to make it work so well is astounding and I take my hat off to you and your colleagues.

I reran my main picks for today and instead of having 3 out of 6 winners it went up to 5 out of 6 and the other one was 3rd.

This was again similar to what I was managing last week 5/6 4/5 and 3/5 and one dodgy day (but I put that down to the weather and the poor horses sinking to their bellies in

Looking forward to tomorrow:-)

James Iddon

RA PRO: the proven, all-in-one horse racing toolset

Monte Carlo Simulator

See how a race is going to be run before it's even started!

This game-changing simulator is responsible for finding hundreds of winners!

"I had 9 winners over the last two days using this system on just standard" - Hugh Carty

1-Click Contenders

Want quick winners?

The 1-Click Contenders win 41% of all races!

"Got nice winner yesterday @ 4.20 Circus Maximus!!!!!" - Jason Chapman

Ultimate A.I. Odds Indicators

Never wonder if your selections odds are good again!​

Our artificial intelligent odds lines are statistically merged with the live Betfair odds. 

At a glance discover if the odds available are offering you value.

Visualise Which Horses Are Fastest

If you knew a horse was in decline would you want to bet on it?

Our unique speed graphs show exactly which horses are improving or declining.

The dynamic filter can mimic the race you’re analysing in seconds.

Winning horses are always the fastest horse in a race!

This is to let you know that it couldn't be going better, following your webinar last week. So far, I am 5 Wins and 1 loss at 80:20 bets and 9 Wins and 4 losses at Dutching... Your stress on due diligence on contenders is very well placed. It is the bets I am not making that are making all the difference. My strike rate is improving all the time and I had 4/4 winners today.

Brian Few

1-Click Race Pace

Pace - the secret top bettors use.

Our pace ratings show you exactly what type of pace each horse will have.

And... we predict what type of pace the race will have!

See the winners pace, and then look for horses that match.

Never be confused by pace again.

Unlimited Race Cards & Ratings

Create unlimited custom race cards with as many ratings as you want.

And, with the most comprehensive set of ratings for horse racing in the UK and IRE, whatever you want to know is at your fingertips!

Oh yeah... we have every horses past races rated as well, so you can access all the ratings historically.

All data can be exported into CSV files.

Daily Horse Alerts

Track unlimited EyeCatchers in your software, and get an email when they’re running.

Never miss a bet on the horses you're following again!

Add notes to your tracked horses so you know the optimal time to bet them.

Ultimate Support & Training

Step-by-step video tutorials walk you through all your software features and how to use them.

With live chat support you'll never feel alone.

And... our regular feature and strategy updates mean you’ll never be in the dark as to the best approach to finding profits for you.

Does The Software Work?

Instant Strategies

Not every strategy suits every person.

So... EVERY MONTH a new strategy is released into your members area.

Simply choose an Instant Strategy that suits your betting style, and get started finding winners!

Daily Stat Pack Contenders

Do you want to know which horses have the best trainers and jockeys of the day?

Our Daily Stat Pack Contenders show you the horses shortlist at a glance.

Get more details by clicking the View All button and get a complete break-down.

Betting Systems

There are times when you just can't get access to a computer or mobile device.

In those times you need a betting system that you can use with any newspaper.

Which is exactly what our Betting Systems give you...

10 betting systems you can use without a computer!

"First day on the job so to speak, thank you to michael for his assistance earlier. after that 3 winners from 4 bets. Long may it continue." - Martin Aylett (forum post)

Professional Development

Profitable betting is a skill, and like all skills you always need to be improving.

Our courses are designed as your professional development.

Short lessons over a period of time, so that without realising it you've mastered new skills and blown your betting to a new dimension!

Micro Angles & Betting Techniques

Of course we’ve got our blog, you’ve probably read some of the blog posts that are on it.

But that’s for everybody!

We save the best micro-angles, strategies, horses to follow and advice for our members.

Every month we add a new article, and our Knowledge Bank is where you’re going to find them.

The horse racing software used by tipsters and pro-bettors

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