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Product Name : Profitable Betfair Systems

Author: Martin Mcdonald

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Price: ÂŁ29.99 Lifetime membership to the Website

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day 100%

What Do You Get : Horse Racing Betting Systems for Betfair/Betdaq only

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: PBS is a website that provides systems to use on Betfair

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Going : Each system has varying bank sizes so it’s basically suck it and see

How Much Money Can I Make?  There is money to be made, but it depends on how brave or canny you are

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? Multiple Befair/Betdaq accounts and A Betting Bot


Profitable Betfair Systems is not primarily a tipping service.

What you get for your money is several Betfair systems where you’re basically playing the numbers pretty much for every race every day.

It has a system for everybody whether you like backing, laying, trading, level stakes, progressive stakes or stop recovery stakes.

It’s all down to you.

You can play one system or you can play them all.

If you’re going to play them all you will need multiple Betfair or Betdaq accounts otherwise things will get a bit confusing, and to make things easier PBS (Profitable Betfair Systems) advise using a betting bot for some of the systems.

The site is well presented with easy navigation to and from systems which are all accessed through drop down boxes.

There is also a daily blog where you can get free tips to use with some of the systems, and where you are kept up to date with what else is in the pipeline for the site.

You can follow them on Twitter where you can also access the daily blog and they have a Facebook page.

So, I will report back in 60 days with a full Profitable Betfair Systems review.


Ok, we started Reviewing PBS on the 1st June 2014 and finished on the 30th July 2014. A total of 60 days, during which time we proofed some 13221 selections.

Yes… you read that right. Thirteen thousand two hundred and twenty one selections.

There are 20 systems on the website ranging from backing, laying, back to lay etc…

Basically there is a system to use for any form of bet.

To make this a viable test I selected 7 of the systems that looked most interesting and which could hold my attention span for the whole 60 days.

From the 7 systems test only one came out in profit, and across the 7 we ended up with -443.04 points.

The 1st system I tested was System 1 which was the only one to make a profit over the 60 days.

Bet Type Selections Wins Losers Strike Rate ROI Profit
Lay 105 56 49 53.33 45.86 48.16

This system is a laying system where we had to lay horses within a chosen odds range with a recovery stop loss staking plan. The advised bank is 100 points. It involved using a certain length betting run to win a point. So, if we win our point on the first selection that’s it for the day.

If the betting run ended in a loss that was also the stopping point for the day, but we then had to carry those losses over to the next day. The bank was never really threatened, but there were 4 times when we had to bet over 10 points to recover losses. However, generally it was somewhere between 1 and 3 points on the recovery bet side.

Decent enough strategy to pretty much earn you a point a day.

The 2nd system tested was System 2, this system lasted 9 days before we lost our whole bank.

Bet Type Selections Wins Losers Strike Rate ROI Profit
Lay 821 506 315 61.63 -44 -126.21

Again this is a laying system, but this time we are making lay bets to be kept in-play in a certain odds range.

Again our advised bank was 100 points, although I think we could have had a 1000 point bank and still lost the lot!

I should point out that there was a variation of this system which I did not test and which may change the figures drastically, even potentially pulling it into profit. However it involved being sat in front of the computer for each and every race and with the other systems I was testing it just was not viable. I only have one pair of hands.

It may be possible that this could be solved with some sort of bot, but I don’t use them so I couldn’t say for sure. So a big fat NO for this one in it’s current format.

The 3rd system tested was System 3 and we managed to last the whole 60 days even though it was somewhat of a roller coaster ride!

The recommended bank for this one was a whopping 5000 points.

Bet Type Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
Back 10535 78 10457 0.74 -1.41 -149

As you can see above, this system didn’t have a great strike rate. But, at the odds we were aiming at, it doesn’t need to.

We almost got matched in our bets every day and, on 6 occasions, we got matched more than once.

Basically we are betting every horse in every race, some before the off and some in play. This is gambling at it’s worst.

Of course we may have ended up losing money if I kept going, but at no stage was our bank in jeopardy (well it was 5000 points!).

The recommended stake per bet is 1 point. Betting at micro stakes you would need to have a betting bot of some form, lucky for me I just used training mode on my trading tool.

I don’t think this system is a total disaster because, with a few tweaks, I’m pretty sure we could turn this into profit and at micro stakes it might be some fun as well.

The 4th system tested was System 7 which took a whole 8 days before we lost our entire recommended bank of 100 points..

Bet Type Selections Wins Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
Back2Lay 120 2 118 1.67 -84 -100.90

This was a back to lay system where we were targeting favourites in a certain odds range.

As you can see from above this strategy just did not work. The system was aiming for far too much profit from a single trade.

I believe that if we are trading we don’t need to be greedy, and this strategy was just that. Again, if we applied a better strategy than recommended we may be able to get this into profit as well. But, in it’s current form, it’s a no no.

The 5th system tested was System 9, we managed to get this one to go the whole hog of 60 days.

Bet Type Selections Winners Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
Back 1342 454 888 33.83 -2.99 -40.12

What we have here is another favourite based system where we are targeting a favourite within a certain odds range to make an initial bet and then we place some in play bets. As you can see from above again we are in the negative with the profit.

Once more I believe that this is actually a viable strategy if we were not to be so greedy and were more selective in the races that we chose to use it on.

In the 1st 30 days of the test this system hit a high of +130 points. We then levelled out for a week or so at about +100 points, but then it nosed dived until the end of the test.

Now, I suspect the slide in fortune coincided with the better class of races in that period, so again this another system with a better process of selection for race type we may be able to drag it into profit.

The 6th system I tested was System 10 and we managed to lose our bank by day 9. The bank being 20 points

Bet type Selections Winners Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
Lay 136 14 122 10.29 -16.4 -22.31

Here we have a laying system where we are making progressive in-play lays to a total of 1 point.

With a 20 point bank I was expecting this to at least be a good strategy but, as it turns out, it wasn’t.

I’m not sure if we just had no luck on our side with the laying systems on a whole, or if they were just flawed. I suspect the latter.

At the odds we were aiming at with this system, there was only gonna be one winner… the other guy.

The 7th system tested was System 11. Again we didn’t quite make it to the end, but with a grand effort we managed to keep hold of our 50 point bank for 55 days.

Bet type Selections Winners Losers Strike rate ROI Profit
Lay 162 10 152 6.17 -15.61 -53.70

Once more we have another progressive lay system in which the staking plan just prolongs the misery.

To be honest, and at the lay odds, I would expect the majority of nags to go on and win. So this one quite honestly should be screwed up and chucked into file 13 with the rest of the junk..

All in all, during the testing period of Profitable Betfair Systems, it has been far from what its title suggests.

Most of the systems are pure gambling and simply reliant on the fluctuations of the odds. We are simply throwing money into the layers pockets when we really need to be lining ours.

I cannot recommend PBS here at Race Advisor based on the test period alone. But I do think with a bit of tweaking, being more selective on race type and not being so greedy, some of the systems could potentially be used to great effect.


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