The power of a slap in the face!

Thought your boss was bad? Check this out…

One company forces its employees to SLAP each other across the face.

Tough, huh?

The company, in China, makes underperforming workers smack each other across the chops at the annual party.

The erm, unusual practice came under fire when a video of the bizarre ceremony leaked onto the internet.

An unnamed spokesman declared, “It was a show of team spirit.”

Well, that company boss needs to read Dobbing Secrets.

Because it teaches you a betting technique that means underperformance doesn’t exist.

You either win – or you don’t lose.

Or, to put it another way, one of two things occur:

A. The horse wins and you go home with a profit.

B. The horse loses and you don’t lose a penny.

How is it done?

All is revealed in Dobbing Secrets.

The invaluable e-book that reveals the EXACT races and horses that make profits.

So you can bet in the knowledge that your money is safe.

No more frustration and heartache and tearing up the betting slip

It’s win time – with Dobbing Secrets.

If anyone’s getting a smack across the face, it’s our old friends the bookies!

Click HERE to get your copy of the money-spinning Dobbing Secrets today – and never lose a bet again.

All the best,

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