Our charity donation – for you…

This Christmas, we’re giving money to The Sick Children’s Trust.

I’ve chosen that as our charity this year because last Christmas me and my family actually spent the day itself in hospital.

That’s because my son Max has a condition called Hydrocephalus.

He was born with too much water in his brain.

And The Sick Children’s Trust has helped us more than I can describe.

They help families like ours by providing them with homely accommodation during stays in the hospital like the ones we’ve had.

Because there really is nowhere like that in hospitals.

The work they do as a charity is extraordinary.

So I am hoping to raise a lot of money for them this Christmas – and you can help.

Because we’re running an awesome offer called the Race Advisor Christmas Cracker.

It’s a bundle of some of the best racing tools you’ll find anywhere in the world.

But at a bargain-basement price tag.

Essentially, you’ll be getting over £100 worth of betting goodies.

Capable of generating thousands of pounds in profits in no time at all.

For just £23.99

And for every one we sell, I will give £6 to the Sick Children’s Trust.

Hopefully, that will all add up to a huge amount of money.

As well as making the Race Advisor’s loyal punters profit-rich, too!

So get involved.

Sign up now and we’ll send you your goodies on Christmas Day.

Click HERE to be part of the Race Advisor’s charity Christmas Cracker.

And unwrap something incredible this Christmas – as well as giving to a great charity.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

Race Advisor

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