Older Is The Best

It sometimes feels like, in the modern world, that common sense and old-school rules get forgotten.

Here at the Race Advisor, we’re big fans of using technology to help us find winners. After all, computers can perform analysis that it’s literally impossible for a human to do.

But… at the same time… it’s us humans who use it.

Which means we’ve got to use some old-school values as well.

One of the most important messages we share is that whatever approach, strategy or software you use, you must do your own analysis on the final selections.


Because as a single bettor (as opposed to a team) that’s the only way for you to gain a significantly large edge in your betting.

Yes, the software can perform huge shortcuts for you. It can reduce the number of selections each day to just a handful at super-human speed.

Most people then just bet these selections.

But in complete honesty… that’s lazy.

Yes, those selections may make a profit.

However, if lots of people are regularly betting on them then their edge will begin to be eradicated.

Spend an extra thirty or forty minutes a day manual analysing the selections to produce your final bets and you can triple, or even quadruple, your betting profits.

Because your brain is like nobody else’s. Your brain is a unique super-powerful computer. Once there’s a smaller number of horses to analyse will be able to cross-check their performance ability with pinpoint accuracy.

This extra half hour spent every day is what separates the really profitable bettors from the break-even bettors.

Want a specific example?

Then you’d better read this blog post here.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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