Micro Betting Angles (here’s one)

How does a 64% strike rate sound?

Or a 39% return on investment?

Not bad for a Monday morning eh 😉

These are the kind of returns that can only be made using micro angles. 

A micro-angle is a very niche betting system that takes advantage of something very specific.

For example…

If you follow Andrew Balding’s horses in Maiden races, who are racing in the same class as their last race, who came second in their last race and had this race in the last six to thirty days, then…

…you would have had a 64% strike rate and made a 39% return on investment!

There are only a few selections each year, but they’re certainly worth betting on.

To use micro-angles effectively you need to have a whole bunch of them.

Which is why we’ve started putting them on the blog every week!

Check out the first four micro-angles here.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

P.S. These micro-angles are created by the same man who’s made +55.82 units, to Betfair SP, in the last thirty days from his EyeCatchers Pro.

Here’s the proof.

P.P.S. If you want to get access to his EyeCatchers Pro, then you can discover more here.

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