Liam Gallagher versus The Hoff

Celebrity feuds don’t come much weirder than this.

Liam Gallagher, the 90s star of Oasis, who seems to be everywhere at the moment, has just taken a swipe at David Hasselhoff, the 90s star of Baywatch.

And the Hoff bit back!

In one of his rambling rants attacking his brother – this time for an attempt to be “psychedelic” – he picked up a poster of The Hoff.

Specifically, The Hoff’s cruise, which he sings on. (Get your tickets now, folks.)

“He’s more psychedelic than our kid,” mocked Liam.

David hit back on Twitter in no time, writing, “Why trash your brother @NoelGallagher of all people & then include me? If Oasis had done a cruise I would have gone ALL the best.”

I love the “ALL the best.”

It’s all good publicity, eh? Liam, of course, has an album out.

But here’s a bit of brilliance that doesn’t need any drama to sell it.

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