Let me tell you a secret…

Well, I promised yesterday that I was going to unveil the big Christmas secret we’ve been working on for weeks.

And that day has finally arrived.

So with a burst of snow and a festive fanfare, allow me to unveil…

The Race Advisor’s Christmas Cracker!

One of the greatest giveaways in our 10-year history.


Because not only will you be getting a set of tools worth more than £100 to get your betting flying…

You’ll also be generating much-needed money for a fantastic charity, The Sick Children’s Trust.

And it’s going to be great because you’ll be getting the greatest betting products in the game at eye-wateringly cheap prices.

But there is a festive twist.

Here’s the fun bit.

You’re not actually going to know exactly what you’re getting until you unwrap it on Christmas Day.

That’s because we’re going to keep that a secret.

After all, we are giving you some of our best products at knock-down prices so low they will make your Christmas.

However, in true Christmas fashion, we’re going to be like an indiscreet parent and give you some clues.

Click the link at the bottom of the page if you just can’t wait!

For everyone else, here’s how the Christmas Cracker works.

1 >> You sign up, safe in the knowledge that you’re about to get something extraordinary – for just £23.99

2 >> We’ll then donate £6 to the Sick Children’s Trust – a brilliant charity that’s very close to my family’s hearts.

3 >> Then, on Christmas Day, we’ll send you your festive stocking full of £100+ of incredible betting products.

4 >> Leaving you to give your betting the best start imaginable in 2018.

5 >> Stuff the turkey, then stuff the bookies, with the Race Advisor’s Christmas Cracker.

Make sure you’re not on the Naughty List – and sign up today.

Click HERE to make sure you get £100+ of betting goodies on Christmas Day – for just £23.99!

All the best,

The Race Advisor

Race Advisor

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