Horse Betting Analyst Review


Product Name:  Horse Betting Analyst

Author:  Ross Jackson

Contact Details: Racing Office: 85A Leverson Street, London, SW16 6DG

Phone: 020 3368 3219

Price: £499 for six months or pro rata during six month ‘season’

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get? Horse Racing Selections

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:  Horse Betting Analyst is a horse race betting service which provides 25 – 40 tips a month at around 1.30pm Monday to Saturday

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? The site states 250 points with staking between 0.5 and 10 points per bet.

How Much Money Can I Make? The site claims about 600 points per year

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? A few minutes per day at about 1.30pm

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? Email, a computer, bookmaker accounts


The tipster supplies advised odds and advised stakes, and it is only fair that we base the majority of our review using those criteria. The tipster charges £499 per 6 month period, as we have only proofed the service for 4 months we intend to revisit this review in a few months time to confirm our initial assessment.

The biggest draw down over the 4 month period was a 101 point run from a high on May 26 2014 of almost 220 points to a low on June 25 2014 of just under 119 points. We calculate that based on the review period, and the advised betting bank of 250 points ought to be sufficient to ride out any downturns and get back to the top of the upswing.

The recommendation by the site of 250 points indicates that the author knows his system well.

Our proofing has given a Pool Impact Value of 1.3. This indicates that the selections win 30% more often than their odds would suggest. Therefore there is value to be found in these selections, which is echoed by the profit returned over the proofing period .

So does this service make a profit?

Over the proofing period, it can be shown that the selections did make a profit.

Over the 4 month period from March 20th 2014 to July 11th 2014, the system made 182.38 points profit with a strike rate of  24%.

The tipster charges £499 over 6 months but as we have only proofed for 4 months so far we shall pro-rata the cost in order to calculate the stake needed to recoup the cost of the system.

To cover the subscription you would need to return a profit of £333, to produce an extra £400 (£100 per month) from 182 points you would need to be staking £4 per point, which seems acceptable as it isn’t beyond the realms of reasonability to imagine that if you were willing to invest £80 per month on a subscription that you would have at least a £1000 betting bank.

As stated previously, the website suggests a betting bank of 250 points, therefore had you started with £5000 on March 20 2014 and bet £20 per point on each selection you would have £8647 by July 11 2014. If you remove the cost of the service for the full 6 months you would now be £3148 to the good, with effectively 2 free months to come.

Furthermore, a decent bellwether as to the validity of a system is how it performs to Betfair SP with flat stakes.

These selections performed encouragingly at Flat Stakes to BSP with 19 points for the proofing period.

If for example one had begun with the £5000 betting bank we mentioned earlier you would have covered your subscription costs to date with a little to spare. This highlights how dependent running this service is dependent upon being able to achieve the Advised Odds.

Nevertheless the results to date have been remarkable and the results during the proofing period for this review are below: 

Horse Betting Analyst Results

We will continue to proof Horse Betting Analyst here, but based on the results during this proofing period  I feel comfortable in recommending this service to anyone with a comfortable 250 point betting bank and the opportunity to receive and act upon the tips in a timely manner.[review]

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