The Triumph of of Henry Cecil

‘When Henry Cecil sent out just 12 winners in 2005, it seemed as if the 10-time champion racehorse trainer’s career was in terminal decline.

The masterly touch that he’d shown through the glory-days of the two previous decades, appeared to have deserted him after a series of painful professional and personal blows, including the death of his twin brother David.

When Cecil was diagnosed with cancer in June 2006, it would have been enough to break many a man. But behind the scenes, the master of Warren Place in Newmarket was determined not to be labelled, in his words, a has-been.’

Showing an iron resolve to fight for his professional reputation, as well as his life, Cecil staged one of the great sporting comebacks. It was a story that captured the imagination of the racing public and beyond, peaking with his supreme handling of the unbeaten champion Frankel.”


This is where the book starts and ends. A wonder horse and arguably one of the best this generation have ever seen.

The book is entitled “The Triumph Of Henry Cecil” and “triumphs” never eluded this great trainer.

However, as a subtitle we have the word biography, and we would assume that there would be more details on the trainer’s life, before Frankel.

Sure, there are various horses mentioned, including Twice Over and Midday but these are mere “flashbacks” and the premise of the book is more about the relationship between the writer, Cecil himself, his wife, the stable staff and their commitment to getting Frankel to his peak.

Getting Frankel to his peak is something they undoubtedly managed well. The journey of getting him there is certainly covered in this book, and will inspire anyone who’s interested in the training of horses and the dedication that it needs.

For those of us that admire and marvel at what was the greatness of Frankel, this book is a fitting tribute to the wonder horse.

However, if you’re interested in Cecil’s life before the cancer, his relationship with the author, and the training of Frankel, then this book will not enlighten you.

Nevertheless, it is well worth reading. It shines light on the determination of one man to make a comeback when the chips were down. He was dying of cancer but focused all of his strength on training a winner and, boy oh boy did he deliver….


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