Day 4: Get Betting Bounty for 99p!

It’s day four of the great birthday bonanza!

And it’s a big one today because Betting Bounty is dropping its price to just 99p.

This is a mega discount – as it normally costs £44.40.

That’s 97.8% off!

So, how does it work? Here’s what your 99p gets you…

>> Bets that can’t lose, in your email inbox the day before the race.

>> That means 100% guaranteed profits – month after month.

>> You either bank the cash or lose nothing at all – no losses!

>> And you won’t get your account shut down, either.

>> It won’t take you more than an hour a week.

>> The average profit is currently £270 per month.

Imagine that.

So you can get your hands on an extra £270 a month.

And all for 99p in your first month.

No catches, no tricks – just a jaw-dropping offer.

It’s all part of the big birthday giveaway that’s raging at the moment in honour of the Race Advisor turning 10.

And we’d love you to be a part of it.

Start making bets that can’t lose in the long-term.

Click here to get the no-losses Betting Bounty for just 99p in the first month.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

PS. And if you like the sound of that deal, a load of other Race Advisor products are also 99p while we celebrate.

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