Britain’s most hated pub

There’s a pub near where I was the other day that recently became known as the most hated boozer in Britain.

Why might you ask?

Because it was charging £13.40 for a pint of beer.


I mean, I’ve had a few pricey pints in my time, but nothing like that.

And where was the pub? All together now…


Back in reality, the average price of a pint across the UK is £3.10.

But don’t dash off to the pub just yet.

Because I’ve got something far, far better for you to spend that beer money on.

For basically the price of a normal pint, you can try out the premium version of Betting Rant.

You’ve probably heard of it. It’s an incredibly good service run by Matt Houghton.

Here’s what you’ll get with Premium Betting Rant…

* The greatest betting tips from across Matt’s services.

Expert strategies and special reports (worth £288).

Exclusive invitations to test out new systems for FREE.

* Plus great discounts on new products.

All for around the price of a pint – and I’m talking about a normal one.

For my money, Betting Rant Premium is well worth having. I’m a fan and I reckon you will be too.

And at this price, it’s an absolute bargain. Get it while you can!

Click here to see how you can join for the price of a pint.

All the best,

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