Blackmail at McDonald’s!

I was in the Drive-Thru bit of McDonald’s the other day.

I know – healthy, right?

And the guys in the car in front of me hit on a bizarre bit of blackmail.

Basically, they told the server they wouldn’t move their car unless they got some extras.

Extra food, drinks and so on.

And I was stuck behind them.

There was no way around, so either these dudes were going to have to back down or Maccy D’s were – because the queue of cars was getting massive.


After much argument between the two parties – the guys in the car had loudly declared they weren’t moving and stuck to it…

They got their freebies!


I was wondering if that was legal, but I’m not sure what crime had been committed.

Just making us all wait and making things difficult for the poor staff.

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All the best,

The Place Master

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