The birthday madness continues

Yeah, we’re going to hold our hands up…

That person who brings cakes into work when it’s our birthday – that’s us!

But we’ve been handing out better goodies than cakes this week.

The Race Advisor has just turned 10 – and we’re giving away everything that isn’t bolted down!

Yesterday, we brought you the breathtaking Betting Speed Evolution for just 99p.

Today, we’re doing the same with Racing Dossier.

This special birthday price (it normally costs £49.75 a quarter) is available throughout our celebrations – before going back to normal.

So for just 99p in your first month, you can own what is pretty much the most successful betting tool on the planet.

There’s a reason the tipsters swear by it.

And that’s because it finds winning bets like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

The Racing Dossier is a unique tool contains more than 200 ratings.

So you can boost your profits and speed up your selection process no end.

Sure, it’s launched some of the most profitable tipsters in Britain.

But it’s not just for pros, it’s for anyone who wants to make a profit.

And we’re so sure of that, we will help you to succeed – with personal support tailored just for you and the way you like to bet.

All that can be yours for just 99p – and that even includes the VAT!

Click here to get Racing Dossier for just 99p!

All the best,

The Race Advisor

Race Advisor

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