The Big Mac of Bets

McDonald’s was started in 1937 but didn’t start becoming the global success it is today until 1965.

Ray Croc, who used to sell the milkshake machines that McDonald’s used, bought the company off the family who started it in 1961, with a vision to make it the USA’s number one fast food chain.

He could see that in the right conditions this business would fly.

How did he do that?

He started by going to their main store and watching how they worked.

Then he began to follow what the brothers were doing and spotted the areas where they were strongest, and where they were not as strong as they should be.

With this knowledge, he took on building the national franchise and focused on the areas where he knew the business was strong.

By doing this, he went from the one millionth burger sold in 1961 (when he bought the entire business), 24 years after it was started, to selling the one billionth burger just seven years later!

Simply looking at where the business was weak, and where it was strong, and then focusing on it’s strengths he managed to make McDonalds into one of the biggest companies in the world.

And that’s exactly what we do with horse racing.

It doesn’t matter that we’re doing it on a smaller scale, the principles hold true.

We want to focus on the strongest horses out there. But in order to make money from them, we need to find their weaknesses and strengths.

Because… by finding their weaknesses and strengths, we know which races we should be targeting.

And then, we only target those races.

By doing this we’ve made +250.68 units profit and won 24% of our bets.

That’s a 25% return on investment on every bet placed in the last two years!

Want the proof? Here it is.

Currently there are fifty horses which we consider stronger than any others.

And two of those are racing today.

Here’s what our notes say about the past races of one of them:

04/08 – Well handicapped, has form on soft and was a shade unlucky in this race last year when not getting the best of runs and is 7lb lower today.

28/07 –  Another well handicapped horse who wasn’t helped by the slow early pace last time over C&D so if he gets a better pace to chase shouldn’t be far away in Class 3

What does that mean?

He likes soft ground and will be better in a race where the pace isn’t slow.

So it’s lucky that today’s race is on good to soft ground and the pace is predicted to be fast!

Want to find out who the runner is?

Then you’d better get your access to EyeCatchers Pro here.

Inside the software you’ll find both horses racing today, and get the other 48 horses we’re currently tracking.

It’s time to take a leaf out of one of the most successful businesses in the world, and follow the strongest horses to success.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

P.S. We’ll be betting on both selections today. You can too, by heading over here now and getting your access.

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