Betting Bounty Does The Business

Yesterday, members of the Betting Bounty service were sent three trades.

1.20 Lingfield – Jabulani

2.30 Worcester – Arthur’s Gift

3.30 Worcester – Green Or Black

With this service, we’re looking to back each horse around 10 minutes before the off.

Within those 10 minutes, we lay the horse off to secure a risk-free bet, if the horse wins.

Imagine that! You don’t have to risk your stake! 

You simply back a horse, lay it off and if the horse doesn’t win, you don’t lose any money.

If the horse does win, you pick up your winnings.

Yesterday in the 1.20, Jabulani opened up (this is called the 1st show, which is around 10 minutes before the off) at around 10/11 and was backed into an SP of 1/2.

Betting Bounty subscribers made nearly £40 from that one trade.

Next up, Arthur’s Gift opened up at around 6/5 and was backed into an SP of evens. That was worth nearly £20 to Betting Bounty subscribers.

Finally, Green Or Black opened up at 11/8 and was backed into an SP of evens.

Unfortunately, the horse could only manage 2nd but it would have been worth around £35.

So… yesterday saw a profit of nearly £60 (very nearly was £95!) for around 10 minutes work.

Make sure you grab your £0.99p offer here before the price disappears…

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