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Start Making Successful Horse Racing Trades 88% Of The Time

Trading on horse racing sounds like the ultimate dream. You bet a horse to win, you bet the same horse to lose, and you walk away with a guaranteed profit.

That’s how I saw it!

The principles were simple, it’s the same as trading forex, shares, Bitcoin or anything else.

You bet the horse to win for £100, for example at odds of 4.00 (3/1).

If the horse wins you make a profit of £300, and if the horse loses you lose your £100 stake.

The odds on the selection drop and you bet the horse to lose for £100 at odds of 3.00 (2/1).

When you bet a horse to lose you become, in effect, the bookmaker. If the horse wins the race you have to payout the winning bettor. In this case the winner would receive £200, and that would be your loss.

If the horse loses the race then you make a profit of the original stake money of £100.

And here’s how the trade works:

If the horse wins you…

Make £300 profit on the back to win bet

Lose £200 on the back to lose bet


If the horse loses you…

Lose £100 staked on the back to win bet

Make £100 on the back to lose bet


It’s a completely no-lose situation.

What could be better. 

It’s a dream come true.

Until the first day that I tried it!

“I Thought There Was No Way I Could Lose”

The first time I tried trading on horse racing I thought there was no way I could lose. 

Heck, the first trade worked perfectly. I placed my win bet, the odds dropped, a few minutes later... the horse went on to win the race, and I walked away with a profit.

“THIS IS AWESOME!!!” I thought to myself.

Next trade the same thing happened.

And again on the next trade.

I was already calculating how quickly I could increase my stakes, within a couple of weeks I would be making £500 per day.

But then the wave crashed.

The odds on the horse I’d selected didn’t drop, they went up and never came back down.

I ended-up losing all the profit I’d made up to that point, and more.

Then it happened again, and I put a huge dent into my funds.

The third time it happened I was beginning to get a bit panicky, how was I ever going to recoup the losses.

Not only that, but I’d spent nearly eight hours of the day working, just to come out way  down.

And it really was working. I was, as I’d been told, watching the movements on the market, to try and predict whether the odds on a horse were going to move down or go up.

It turned out that not only was this exhausting, but I’d got it wrong the majority of the time.

Which was kinda different to the 90%+ win rate I was told to expect.

The Losses Had Made Me Panicky, But...

I was lucky.

I had one edge in my corner.

I was already a profitable bettor on straight bets.

I knew horse racing inside out.

Which, to be honest, actually made the losses hurt even more. But at least I knew it was possible to profit from horse racing. 

And… being friends with a number of full time traders… I knew it was possible to profit from trading on horses.

I just wasn’t doing it right.

So I Went Back To The Drawing Board

That meant looking at what makes a trade profitable.

There’s only one thing you need for a profitable trade, you need the odds on the horse to drop low enough for you to place your 'back to lose bet' (known as a lay bet).

Which meant, if I was to make a profit, I had to predict this movement with a very high accuracy.

But I didn’t want to spend eight hours in front of a computer watching graphs. 

I was used to straight bets where you do all your work in the morning, then place your bets just before your selections' race.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cope being stuck watching graphs all day. 

Heck, I didn’t even want to do that!

So not only did I have to find a way to predict when a horse's odds were going to drop, I needed to find a way to predict which horses they were going to drop on, so that I didn’t have to hang around all day.

First, I needed a way to predict if the odds were going to drop.

And I researched every possible angle.

I watched Betfair, I watched the bookmakers, I made books of notes (yes, I still use pencil and paper), I traded for small amounts, I downloaded past races.

Days, weeks and months were spent looking for that method of prediction, and the result…


I couldn’t find a single, reliable, way to predict if the odds were going to drop.

So I stopped looking.

There’s only so much time you can invest in researching a new approach before you need to change direction.

Which is exactly what I did.

I went back to building-out new approaches for straight betting.

And then… a few years later… I noticed something was happening on some of my selections.

The odds on them were dropping, or staying the same, 70% of the time. 

That definitely warranted re-opening the old notebooks and investigating further.

I dug them out of a box in the loft, blew the dust off and set to.

Over the next few weeks I uncovered both the type of horses, and the event that took place before the race, that led to the odds of a horse not increasing.

With further refinement... 

I Got My Predictions To Be Accurate 88% Of The Time

Completely by accident, and years after I wanted, I’d found my trading strategy.

Every day I had three selections that would result in a profit, or at worst no loss, 88% of the time.

There was no need to sit in front of a computer watching graphs.

Only five to ten minutes was needed before the selections' races started.

In total, just thirty minutes a day.

I began using it, and worked exactly like I thought it would.

It became a regular part of my portfolio, and has continued to be for many years.

I Was Never Planning On Sharing It

But, a few years ago I was chatting with Michael, the founder of the Race Advisor, and he mentioned that he wanted to share something with his readers that would enable them to get a start on betting profitably.

Something that was quick and easy to learn. Something that showed a profit was possible for anybody who was prepared to practice. Something that gave the confidence to spend more time learning more advanced methods.

And I mentioned my trading approach.

He immediately jumped on it and asked if I’d consider sharing it with a select handful of Race Advisor readers.

It wasn’t an immediate decision.

As you know it was a method I’d worked hard to find, and had only found by accident.

For the next couple of months I carefully followed the markets on my trades to see how much could be bet before it became a problem.

The selections are always favourites, which means there’s plenty of money on the betting exchanges (known as liquidity), and it turned out that the market could cope with tens of thousands of pounds being traded on the selections. Far more than I was ever going to use.

So… I decided I’d share the method and selections, but not how I found the selections. 

I got back in touch with Michael, and it was my turn to wait.

Despite being excited, he refused to go any farther until I’d proven that the method worked.

I showed him the method and for the next year shared my selections with him.

Only then did he agreed to let you know.

Since 2018 we’ve shared this method, and selections, with a select number of members, and you can see the results here.

It’s an honour and privilege to be able to help you make a regular profit from your horse racing trading, and I hope to be able to continue to do so.

If You Want To Make A Regular £100 Or More Every Month

From the comfort of your own home. With almost no risk. This is going to do it.

Once you are used to the method, simply increase the bankroll to increase the profits.

The market is capable of tens of thousands of pounds being bet into it, we don’t even touch the sides.

If you’ve struggling to make horse racing trading work for you, this will show you that it’s possible, and that it’s possible without sitting in front of a computer all day.

Once you begin to make a profit you can choose to increase your bankroll to make more profits, or start using other approaches, knowing that profitable horse racing trading is possible.

Inside I’ll…

  • Teach you what horse racing trading is
  • Show you a strategy for trading horses profitably
  • Explain why this works and will never stop working
  • Provide example videos of live trading
  • Give a complete guide to how to use the strategy
  • Email daily selections (except Sundays) to you

Once and for all..

  • You’ll no longer need to watch graphs all day
  • Only spend 5-10 minutes before the race starts
  • Be using a strategy that’s been successful for years
  • See our results updated daily
  • Make an average monthly profit of £113 on minimum bankroll
  • Double your bankroll every year with flat staking
  • You’ll have as close to zero-risk as possible with betting

You will get access to a betting  strategy and selections, which are as close to zero-risk as it’s possible to get in betting.

When you register you will receive a complete video guide to how our strategy works, and how you need to trade the selections.

You’ll see example videos showing you how to implement the trades, and this can also be done on a mobile phone with nothing more than the Betfair app.

We’ll also send you the selections every single morning (except Sundays) via email, so you know the races and horses you’re going to be involved with that day.

Even if you’ve never traded a horse race before, we’ll show you every single step so that you'll be doing it like a pro within just thirty minutes of registering.



It’s only going to cost £15 per month. Since 2018 our trades have made £3068 profit from a bankroll of £1200. That means we’re doubling the bankroll every year.

On a monthly basis this means an average profit of £113 per month.

This doesn’t include putting any money back into the bankroll to grow it, if you’d done that, you’d have increased the bankroll by £11,375 since 2018.

But based on the lowest possible average profit, you’d have made of £113 per month, we’re asking for just 13% to cover our costs of finding the selections for you, and supporting you as you learn how to use our strategy to win.

This means that anybody can afford to start making a profit from their horse racing trading and, on average, you’ll have made enough profit to cover an entire year’s membership in the first six weeks.

And of course, it’s possible to significantly increase the amount you make each month by putting even just 30% of all profit back into your bankroll!

Not only that, but because we’re backed by the Race Advisor, when you register you’ll also get access to their Community Forums, as well as their LikeReal racing platform Aldermist, where you can practice your non-trading betting strategies in a LikeReal environment.

However, if you don’t register today, you’ll miss the opportunity to access the easiest and lowest risk way to make a profit from trading horses.

We’ve been using this strategy successfully for nearly a decade, and it’s been publicly proofed since 2018.

You can see the results here.

I'm looking to help just 250 people make an extra £100, on average, every month, in just fifteen minutes a day.

Limited Access To 250 People

Because it’s my aim to make every single one of our members successful, that’s the number that we feel we can support comfortably. 

If you decide that you don’t want to register today, that’s fine. But if when you come back, this page is no longer here, please don’t request access to join, because it will be one-out-one-in at that point. And there’ll be no way to jump ahead of the queue.

Even just £100 a month will pay for a couple of nice meals out, some spending money on holiday or a present for family. If you choose to re-invest your profits into your bankroll, you could be looking to make as much as £5000 or £6000 a year.

With that kind of lump sum at the end of the year, you could go on holiday, do some work on your home, or put it towards a new car.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, with just a little bit of practice, and thirty minutes each day, it can be within your grasp.

Once you start making a profit from your horse racing trading, your confidence will soar, and you’ll realise that profiting from sports betting is a goal you can achieve. 

Just wanted to say thank you for the Betting Bounty advice today. It's been a long time since I've seen a green screen!  The markets did seem to act as if on cue, just wish I had a grand…


Sports Bettor

In the last 1500 trades we made a profit in 25%, broke-even for no-loss in 64% of them, and only lost 12%.

Heck, just check out the daily results for the last two years.

You can see that we make a profit on 25% of our trades, break-even for no loss on 64%, and only loose on 12%.

Since 2018, our members who re-invested their profits into their bankroll to increase the stake size, have made £11,375.81 in profit.

​“Betting Bounty Takes Advantage Of And Gives Us An Opportunity To Make Some Risk Free Cash

But this may not be for you.

  • If you’re looking to win every single trade.

  • If you’re expecting to make thousands of pounds profit every month.

  • If you don’t want to spend the time practicing to learn how to use the  strategy.

Then this is not for you.  

But if you’ve read this far, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’ve joined services, which have promised that before, only for them to fail.

Our trading strategy and selections won’t make you rich overnight. But it will put extra cash in your pocket, taken straight from the betting exchanges, tax free, again and again and again and again.

And if you want to make that change, if you want start making successful horse racing trades, if you only want to spend thirty minutes a day doing it, and if you want to easily double your bankroll, then if you can see the button below you should press it before the 250 spaces go.

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