The best place to live in Britain is…

Where do you reckon the best place to live/work in the UK is?

Bath? Cambridge? Perhaps Bristol at a push?

Well, brace yourself for this one, because apparently, it’s actually…


Yes, the concrete-clad town mercilessly ridiculed in The Office is where we should all be.

Bear with us though – there are some reasons for this.

Recruitment specialists Glassdoor’s research found out there’s a median salary of £35,000 a year…

The average house costs £390,000…

And there are 26,000 job vacancies being advertised.

Apparently, that makes it an out-and-out sweet spot.

We’re not suggesting you move there – but it’s nice to know where the good stuff is.

That’s why we’re are so behind Tipster Portfolios.

It’s an incredible way to find out which Tipsters are flying and which ones are absolutely (erm, let’s be polite here), the opposite.

Because there’s nothing worse than hoofing a load of money on a tipster who sounded great but (OK, politeness time again) wasn’t.

Tipster Portfolios is the answer.

* You can instantly see what kind of profit you would be making.

* Know the exact edge you have over the market.

* And know which tipsters are making you the best profit.

So you don’t have to move to Slough, you just need to make more money.

And Tipster Portfolios is very good at helping you do that.

Find out who to trust today.

Become a Tipster Portfolios winner.

All the best,

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