Ayr has been cancelled! So we’re giving you…

So… Ayr has just been cancelled!

And that means the race preview and selection we’d written for you for the biggest race of the day is now no longer useful 🙁

But that’s going to work in your favour because I’m going to share with you images of the race analysis by Profit Recall from three other races instead.

Even better, you can get your first two weeks access for just £3.33 here.

However, that’s only going to last for today, so jump on it fast if you want it!

Here are the three races analysed by Profit Recall:

The top rated horse in 14:00 at Yarmouth is Gabr.

The top rated horse in the 14:30 at Yarmouth is Flying Sparkle.

The top rated horse in the 16:40 at Yarmouth is So Sleek.

Despite Ayr no longer racing, we can still have a good day of betting 😉

And if you want to grab two weeks access to Profit Recall for £3.33, this is the place to do it.

All the best,

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