ALL British Horse Racing CANCELLED TODAY!

All British horse racing has been cancelled today, and possbly for the next few days.

This is due to an outbreal of equine flu. The flu was confirmed in three horses from an active stables. The fact that these horses have been vaccinated against equine flu, is an added concern.

We will keep you posted on our website, Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

Obviously we will not be sending out Eddie Lloyd’s Thursday Video tip, but still have a couple of interesting racing stroies for you to enjoy.

Is there such a thing as a horse that can win in both Jump and flat racing… One bred specially for that purpose… Very few horses have ever run in both the jumps and the flat seasons.

Even fewer have been successful. Now a top flat racer and a champion jumps horse has been bred. Will their offspring be a champion flat and jumps horse? 

Read the full story.  

The other story we have for you follows the successful prosecution of Gordon Elliott for apparently training one of his horses in public. 

Did he?

Share your views in our Race Advisor Forum. 

Tomorrow we will bring you Eddie’s new weekly book review, and hopefully good news about the equine flu situation. 

All the best,
The Race Advisor

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