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It’s been a few months since my last post, mainly due to annual holiday and also an operation in hospital. With my batteries recharged, I’m looking forward to continuing the battle to earn a living from the sport of kings.

Having not had much time to look in any great depth at profitable angles/systems for September, now would be a good time to look back at the performance’s of the micro systems and trainer angles that have been offered up in this column.

Back in May when ‘Portfolio Corner’ started I highlighted the stable of Jo Hughes and her previous performance over May, June and July since 2011.

Those that followed weren’t disappointed;

22 Bets
5 Wins
23% Strike Rate
+29.25 points at Industry SP to 1 point level stakes
132.95% ROI
+37.85 points at Betfair SP to 1 point level stakes

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It wasn’t quite so good for June as I highlighted two trainers that have used June as a kick start to their season. The first was Roger Varian and his results to the micro system produced;

17 Bets
2 wins
11.76% Strike Rate
-5.00 points at Industry SP to 1 point level stakes
-29.41% ROI
-3.79 points at Betfair SP to 1 point level stakes

The second micro system highlighted a group of five trainers that used June to produce good profits during the summer national hunt season.

The two biggest disappointments during this month were Peter Bowen and Dr Newland that went 1 for 16 and a loss of 12.75 points. Hats off to David Bridgewater (3 from 7) and Mrs Diane Hamer (1 from 3) that helped offset most of the losses.

28 Bets
5 wins
17.86% Strike Rate
-3.50 points at Industry SP to 1 point level stakes
-12.50% ROI
-1.35 points at Betfair SP to 1 point level stakes

I offered up a micro system for Royal Ascot that concentrated on favs in non handicaps. I was disappointed with the outcome as the final score on the door was;

8 Bets
2 wins
25% Strike Rate
-3.59 points at Industry SP to 1 point level stakes
-44.88% ROI
-3.44 points at Betfair SP to 1 point level stakes

Entering July I highlighted the ‘good’ and the ‘ugly’ from the Nursery division. Although Mark Johnston was having a good season I highlighted the fact that his nursery runners under perform, not just recently but since 2003. And this season has been no different …

44 Bets
9 Wins
20.45% Strike Rate
-13.97 at Industry SP to 1 point level stakes
+8.75 Laying to win 1 point at Betfair SP

Mark Johnston certainly remains in the ‘ugly’ category with his 2 year-old handicap runners.

Now on to the ‘good’ and the two trainers I brought to the attention of readers to Portfolio Corner was Michael Bell and Richard Fahey.

Michael Bell is currently 1 win from 4 runners at under 20/1 for a profit of +1.50 points at Industry SP and a slightly better +2.04 points at Betfair SP (both to 1 point level stakes).

Richard Fahey’s stable hasn’t let this column down. From just three runners to date he’s fired in two winners for +3.25 points profit at industry SP +3.70 at Betfair SP.

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So readers of Portfolio Corner that have followed have been well rewarded …

Jo Hughes +29.25 ISP +37.85 BFSP
Roger Varian -5.00 ISP -3.79 BFSP
N Hunt Group -3.50 ISP -1.35 BFSP
Royal Ascot -3.59 ISP -3.44 BFSP
Mark Johnston +8.75 (laying) as of 27th Aug
Michael Bell +1.50 ISP +2.04 BFSP as of 27th Aug
Richard Fahey +3.25 ISP +3.70 BFSP as of 27th Aug
Twiston Davies -1.00 ISP -1.00 BFSP as of 27th Aug

Total profit at BFSP (which everyone can avail themselves to) +42.76

Not bad given that it’s from just a handful of angles/systems. Once you’ve built up a solid portfolio, profit’s are there. You just have to be prepared for losing runs and know that what has gone before has a good chance of repeating itself, but given circumstances beyond our control this is not always possible.

Remember ….. “bet with your head, not over it”

Derek Sheppard

Left school at 16 and went into my first employment as a mechanical technical engineer. Those first five years of employment were perhaps my most enjoyable and I finished my apprenticeship having gained a degree, as well as the usual ONC, OND, HNC and HND. The company I worked for moved away from England, across the Atlantic to America whilst I was in my fourth year. I never did join up with them and head my own team as I had not long before hand got engaged, and my roots were in England and I'm one of those patriotic people. I went from one job to another, never really settling and being under paid as Company's were feeling the pinch under a Tory government led by Mrs T. Some thirty years later I decided it was the time I started out betting for my living. My interest in racing and betting first started out when I wrote a piece about 'probability' for Maths during my second year of my apprenticeship. This was later than my first bets, and as with most people, this started out as a child with a bet on the National. My interest grew and I read as many books as I could on betting, no internet back in those days. What was written then and still holds true today is that you can't win every day, you will by the very nature have more losing days than winning days. If anyone wants to be a winner, then they will have to accept this. I have seen so many people go 'on tilt' because they can't accept they are going to have a losing day. I started to get interested in racing systems after reading Clive Holt's Fineform publication 'Profitable Betting Strategies'. I still have this and a number of his other publications today and I still re-read them. I have now become a successful bettor of horses (and sports) in as much as I make a comfortable living. I'm restricted by many bookmakers and most of my betting is now done through the exchanges.
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